3 SEO Tricks You Need To Use In 2013

What follows are 3 SEO tricks you need to use in 2013 and by doing so, you can improve the chances of the website or blog ranking higher in the search engines and the clear positives that this will bring. By knowing in advance the things that can make a difference with a website it does mean that you stand a better chance of beating the competition and by doing so, you can grab a large chunk of your market before the others have caught on with what you are doing.

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Learn how to diversify

One of the main things is to avoid using the same links, the same wording, and the same traffic because doing the same thing time and time again is now going to be looked upon as being spam and instead of helping it is going to lead to the site or blog being punished. Make sure that you do not use the same anchor text time and time again, but instead have several that you can use that still have the same end result. When it comes to the links, then place them on different sources because the same guest post on the same kind of blogs will be seen as low quality links and you will suffer as a result. One thing that is certain is that Google plan on tackling the issue of mass produced link farms with no value, so you must take action now to keep your current search engine positions.

Make sure that your content is unique.

This is something that did start to become more important near the end of 2012 as Google placed more importance on quality content rather than sites just being able to use poorly written articles with no real value for the reader. Instead, one trick is to ensure that your page is actually unique and this means that it must contain something that nobody else has, so if you try to get content written for the cheapest possible prices, then think again because in 2013 quality will certainly beat value for money.

Make sure you are optimized for mobile devicesĀ 

Accessing the Internet via a mobile phone has certainly gained in popularity in recent years, but thanks to tablet computers and smartphones it is now anticipated that more people will access the internet in that way than those from the normal desktop computer by 2014. What you, therefore, must do is make sure that you are optimized for mobiles and the best tricks to employ include having a responsive design with your website or even building one specifically for people to access using mobile phones. So much traffic is now coming from mobiles that you cannot ignore it and need to make sure that your website is ready for the influx of new visitors.

Those are the 3 SEO tricks you need to use in 2013 and the best thing that you can do now is to go and actually put them into action and this should not be too difficult for anybody that has any experience in SEO. By being ahead of the game you can benefit for longer, but do remember to keep on top of changes that will occur in 2013 or you will be left behind once again.

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