Three SEO Hacks That Can Propel Your Website to the First Page of Google

Effective SEO does not need to be expensive, and it does not have to be complicated either. In this article you are going to discover three powerful SEO “hacks” that can help to propel your website to the first page of Google for even the most competitive of keywords. While no SEO method can guarantee first page rankings, the strategies outlined in this article will give you the best shot possible.

Develop a strong internal linking structure

One of the most powerful (and underrated) SEO techniques you can employ is internal linking. Whereas most websites and blogs only link internal pages together through the use of navigation menus, you are going to take things further by deliberately linking related content pages together within the body of text. For example, if you have one article about dog training, and another about dog training collars, then you would link from the former to the latter within the article content.

You should vary your internal linking strategy as well. Go back and link old content to new content. Explore the use of different types of anchor text, including generic phrases and more targeted anchor text. Fundamentally, you should be using in-content internal linking as a way to direct visitors through your website in a natural manner. Effective internal linking is one of the simplest ways possible to enhance your SEO, and is also extremely effective.

Encourage social media sharing

One of the most crucial factors in a successful SEO campaign is the level of social interaction you can generate with your content. Most webmasters and bloggers have readily-available social sharing plugins or buttons, but do not actively seek to grow the rate at which their content is shared. Therefore, one of the most effective SEO hacks ready at your disposal is to encourage a greater level of social content sharing amongst your readership. Add a call-to-action to every piece of content you create, which tells the reader to share your work on their preferred social network. This will dramatically enhance the dispersal of your content through social media platforms, as readers are jolted into action.

Focus on “unique” links

Anybody can visit a Web 2.0 site or article directory and start building backlinks to their own website. This lowers the exclusivity and uniqueness of any links that you might choose to build from such a source. As you might expect, the less unique your links are the lower the weight they carry in terms of influencing search rankings for any given keyword.

Therefore, you should aim to develop quality links that are as unique as possible. Avoid chasing up the same tired sources of links that your competitors do, and instead seek out individualized opportunities to build proper authority links to your own site. This might take more work initially, but avoiding links that have had their value diluted through excessive “outbound competition” will pay off in the long run. As a rule, the most powerful sources of unique links are authority blogs and niche websites, as well as educational or government websites.

By following the three SEO hacks you have learned in this article, you will stand a very good chance of ranking well in the search engines for just about any keyword imaginable.  Remember that it takes time to see results from any SEO method, so stay patient and continue working diligently until you receive the rankings you deserve.

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