3 Emerging SEO Trends For Late 2012

SEO is a hot topic in 2012; every webmaster, blogger, and affiliate marketer wants to know exactly how they can make more money from organic search engine traffic. Compared with the costs of pay per click marketing, SEO offers a truly affordable way to bring traffic to your website. In this article, you are going to learn three emerging trends in SEO for 2012.

Start using the methods you are about to learn, and you will soon witness your website rocketing up the search engine rankings.

  1. YouTube video marketing. Creating and then incorporating related videos into your content is one of the hottest SEO methods this year. Use screen capture software to create videos that are targeted to competitive keywords. Next, upload your videos to YouTube, ensuring that you target your video descriptions and tags to your keywords. Finally, you can embed your YouTube videos back on your blog or website. This is a proven method for driving more targeted traffic, as well as building quality links.
  2. Content giveaways. Instead of merely offering articles or blog posts to your readers, take the time to create a small PDF report or eBook. Load it with links back to your website, as well as affiliate links to help you earn more money. Once you start giving it away, other sources will link to your site, which will give you a massive source of free backlinks.
  3. Increasing article lengths. Before the Google Panda and Penguin updates it was very easy to rank highly in the search engines with just a few hundred words of keyword-rich content. These days, it is all but impossible to achieve high Google rankings with short content pieces (unless you are able to leverage the power of an authority website). Therefore, you should aim to write articles and blog posts that are at least 500 words in length. Focus on deliver quality content to your readers and you will soon find that Google rewards you.

YouTube video marketing, content giveaways, and increasing article lengths are three of the most prominent emerging SEO trends for 2012. If you want to increase your dominance of the search engines, then you need to start working with these trends in mind.


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