Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research (p1)

Over the coming days I’ll be posting video lessons that form part of a course I was working on creating earlier this year, called “Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research”.

I was going to release this course on but in the end got waylaid and lost my drive to finish the course to the standard required to charge for it (it’s still a goal to release something on there by year’s end … but probably along the lines of link building or similar)

So I’ve taken the decision to resurrect this course as a total freebie; the videos are hosted on YouTube, and each lesson will get it’s own post here as well (with accompanying notes and key points).

In this free course you’ll learn one of the exact methods I use to do my keyword research. I’ll be teaching a coherent, step-by-step course – using free tools and resources wherever possible.

Before you start, I recommend that you bookmark and/or download the following resources (which will be critical components of the course):

* Ubersuggest – Google Suggest scraper. Very cool free program.

* Google Keyword Planner – Main keyword research tool that will be used during the course. You’ll need a (free) Google Adwords account.

* Traffic Travis – Free keyword research & SEO software. Note that this is Windows only – if you’re using a Mac then get AffiloTools, which you can try for free at the moment. You could also run Traffic Travis using Bootcamp.

* AffiloTools – Alternative keyword research & SEO software – it’s free to try, but you’ll need to pay to continue membership (after a month, I think).

Lesson 1 – What Is A Keyword?

The first lesson in my beginner’s guide to keyword research focuses on answering one of the most fundamental questions of all:

What is a keyword, and what on earth do keywords have to do with running a successful website?

You can watch the embedded lesson above, or click here to watch on YouTube – I recommend turning on 1080p mode.


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