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Want To Learn Long-Tail Keyword Research? Watch This Video

I don’t subscribe (not as in opinion, but as in pay monthly fees) to many programs or software suites for Internet marketing and SEO. The hard truth is that most things can be done for free, especially if you don’t mind putting in elbow grease or fiddling around with data. Most SEO software tools simply

Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research (p5)

In part five of my free beginner’s guide to keyword research, we take a look at expanding your seed keyword list with the Google Keyword Planner tool. This is a pivotal video in the series, as it is in this lesson that you will learn how to find important data like keyword search volumes. If

Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research (P4)

It’s time for part four of my beginner’s guide to keyword research. Before you take the plunge with this video, however, I want to make sure you’ve watched the previous lessons: Part one Part two Part three It always pays to start from the bottom (and work your way up to the top). Anyway, what’s

Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research (P3)

In part 3 of my free beginner’s guide to keyword research, we’re taking a look at the essential tools you’ll need to have access to before you can embark on your first keyword campaign. Make sure you’ve watched part 1 and part 2 before viewing this lesson. Once again, I strongly recommend that you watch

Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research (P2)

Welcome back to part two¬†of my free beginner’s guide to keyword research (check out part one here, if you haven’t already). In this video lesson we’re taking a look at crucial terms and key phrases you need to know before you embark on a successful keyword research campaign. This is a short lesson, but is

Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research (p1)

Over the coming days I’ll be posting video lessons that form part of a course I was working on creating earlier this year, called “Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research”. I was going to release this course on but in the end got waylaid and lost my drive to finish the course to the standard

How To Find Keywords The Stress-Free Way

There are a bajillion (is that even a number… because according to spell check it isn’t) different ways of finding keywords ready at your disposal. Every Internet marketer has their own preferred methods and tools for dominating keyword research – I outline mine here in Keyword Research Redux. In this blog post I’m going to