Back From A Brief Hiatus

Dear readers,

I come bearing a gift of good news. After a brief – relatively speaking, of course – hiatus I’m “back from the dead” to deliver more hard-hitting Internet marketing and SEO training.

2014 is already shaping up to be an exciting year, and as we prepare to move into March it’s time to really get the ball rolling.

I have one major goal for this year – to focus on creating quality info products and then release them to a receptive audience. I’ve spent enough time affiliate marketing over the past few years, and feel that it’s time to move on to creating products.

Soon I will be starting a new “Dear Diary” blog, where I chronicle the growth of my info product business. I aim to release a new info product every month, using Clickbank to drive affiliate sales. Although I will expand on this goal in the immediate future, I will tell you now that I hope to reach the handsome figure of $1000 per week (gross) from my soon-to-be-burgeoning info product empire by the end of the year. Whether I will reach this goal remains to be seen, but I am excited about the journey!

My info product goal is going to take precedence over everything else I’m working on at present (well, except my day job!). This means that Internet Marketing Training for Newbies won’t be updated as much as it was last year, but there will still be one fresh post every week. I’ll be focusing on actionable tutorials here, primarily relating to keyword research and SEO.

Being critical of myself, I’ve spent too much time over the last 18 months spreading myself thinly between different projects. I’ve tackled loads of different avenues, from Kindle to Amazon Associates to Adsense to freelance writing + SEO work; although I’ve enjoyed the variety it has prevented me from effectively focusing on one element and seeing it through to success.

When I think about the circumstances that first led to my breakthrough “success” in affiliate marketing, it was a simple and replicable system that resulted in the outcome of earning a full-time living as a part-time high school student. All I did was one simple method, and I did it damn well (if I do say so myself). In 2014 I want to bring back that strategy as I aim to enter the competitive world of digital info product publishing.

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