Essential Reading Roundup

Hi guys,

In today’s post we’re going to deviate from the norm a bit; I’m going to share with you some essential reading that you cannot afford to miss. This will become a regular fixture, so keep an eye out for these weekly roundups.

P.S. If you see or hear of anything cool or newsworthy relating to Internet marketing, SEO, traffic generation, or social media then leave a comment or email me.

P.P.S. You can also suggest your own blog posts here – just make sure they actually feature something worth reading.

The List O’ Cool

1) My iWriter review. Yup, that’s some insane self-promotion there, but you really do need to read this review of one of the most popular freelancing services around. Warning: Results may shock and dismay when you learn the truth.

2) A great blog post on Search Engine Land by Barry Schwartz that reveals Google and Matt Cutt’s secrets to locating unnatural links that point to your site. If you are in any way concerned by the thought of negative SEO, or you have a received an unnatural link penalty, then you might want to check this blog post out. I quite like the stuff over at Search Engine Land, even if it is a little cut-and-dry white hat for me sometimes.

3) How is link building different for affiliates? This is an interesting and engaging guest blog post on by Paddy Moogan. Well worth reading to learn how to build links properly if you are an affiliate marketer.

4) A heartwarming tale about a nice-sounding Kiwi kid (yes, I come from NZ too) who is making absolute bank from his YouTube channel that provides training for popular software platforms. Good on him; if he sets himself up at a young age and doesn’t blow all his money on silly stuff, then he could get away with a very comfortable lifestyle indeed.

That’s all for this week – I’m sure I’ve probably missed 99.99% of the good stuff out there, but I’m just referring you to things that I’ve seen and read that I liked.

Feel free to comment with your own essential reading and findings.

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