What I’m Doing At The Moment

You might be wondering why I haven’t been posting as regularly as I have done in the past on this blog. Don’t worry; I haven’t forgot you, and I will be posting more exciting content over the coming days, weeks, months, and years (and centuries, if you’re lucky). However, I have also been extremely busy with some other important stuff that isn’t related in any way, shape, or form to Internet marketing – sometimes the real world just gets in your way.

That doesn’t mean I have given up on my favorite hobby and business model! Far from it, in fact, so here’s a run down of what I’m up to (lots of my upcoming posts will relate to this stuff)

1) About 40-50% of my focus at the moment is dedicated to SEO and optimization work for a company for which I am a contractor. At the moment, I am working on updating their curtain design website by tweaking the page SEO and building some high-quality links to help drive traffic. In the background, other people are working on updating the overall look of the site.

2) I’m preparing my SEO consultation and management service to go live soon (there will be a special offer available for readers of this blog, so stay tuned). This is going to be a very exclusive service with no more than 5 places available; the consultation service will be an upfront site audit and review + recommendations, and then the management is monthly SEO work and updates.

3) I’m going to expand my freelance writing and hopefully move into publishing Kindle titles on self-help, Internet marketing, and political subjects. Tbh, writing articles for payment is the most enjoyable form of web-business for me, even though it doesn’t make for good passive income. I love escaping from the murky realm of SEO, shady affiliate products, and complicated up-sell flows. If offered the chance, I would happily write for a solid $30-40 per 500 word article and throw in the towel on affiliate marketing, SEO for niche affiliate sites, and IM for good; it’s just that enjoyable to me. My aim is to use Kindle to generate some useful passive income and build my name as a writer, so I can get more clients.

4) I will be releasing an updated version of Keyword Research Redux, and an exclusive report on getting high Google PageRank in under 4 months in the next couple of weeks. I will be offering this new report for a measly $5, and I can guarantee it will feature more useful information than you will EVER find in $1000 training courses and WSOs. I’m also going to create a OTO upsell package of both my products for my Super Affiliate Secrets report. I would like to start earning some more cash from this site, seeing as I have put a lot of time into it!

5) Finally, I will be switching all my niche sites to a new promo system. I’m sick of high refunds and average conversions with Clickbank, and want to start offering my own products for very reasonable prices (I would rather have 3 sales a day for $3 profit each, but build a list of buyers at the same time, as opposed to making 1 $20 sale a day). I’m using high quality MRR products that I’m tweaking and improving for sale.

Thanks for reading! Remember to keep an eye on the blog and sign up for your free Super Affiliate Secrets report to get more great info and updates from this site.

Oh and ready yourself for my awesome SEO and content services soon to launch!

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