Automated Link Building With RSS Scrapers

RSS content scrapers are the bane of bloggers and webmasters worldwide. These annoying little tools have the ability to steal your content (and hard work) from right beneath your nose.

Furthermore, RSS content scrapers then make shady webmasters huge profits, by using your content to build “autoblogs”.

In this article, you are going to learn how to fight back against RSS scrapers. In just ten minutes, you can set up a fully automated system that builds powerful links to your website, whenever someone else scrapes your content. Instead of having to fear RSS content scrapers, you can use this hidden SEO secret to build targeted backlinks.

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To use this method you will need the following:

1. Your site must be using the WordPress CMS
2. You need to set up a FeedBurner feed
3. You need to install and activate the “RSS Footer” WordPress plugin
4. You must also install and activate the “FeedBurner RSS Redirect” plugin

The most difficult step in creating an automated link-building machine from RSS scrapers is setting up your FeedBurner feed. FeedBurner is a free Google service that allows you to create aesthetic and profitable feeds (you can even monetize them with Adsense). FeedBurner also provides detailed statistics about your feeds, including the number of subscribers you have.

Setting up a FeedBurner feed involves providing the URL of your existing RSS feed. You then give your new feed a name (make sure it is the same as your website name) and your FeedBurner feed is ready to go.

Although it is not actually necessary to use FeedBurner to build links from RSS scrapers, you will see better results than if you use a normal RSS feed. FeedBurner will deliver greater levels of link juice, as well as better tracking and statistics.

Now that you have a FeedBurner feed ready to go, it is time to configure the “RSS Footer” plugin. From the “Settings” tab of WordPress, access the plugin settings and ensure that you are using the default configuration. This means that every entry in your feed will have “post name is a post from: Your site” attached to the bottom (this will be personalized with your website details when published)

There is only one more thing left to do, in order to build automated links from RSS scrapers. You need to configure the ‘FeedBurner RSS Redirect plugin”, so that it automatically redirects any existing feeds on your site to your new FeedBurner feed. To do this, simply open the plugin settings and enter your FeedBurner URL where it asks for “your FeedBurner address.

It can take up to 24 hours for your old feed URLs to redirect to your FeedBurner feed. Once the process is complete, any RSS scraper bot that attempts to scrape your feed will collect your FeedBurner feed (with your automatic footer backlinks to boot). This means that every time you create a new post on your WordPress site, you will automatically build links back to your site from scraper sites.

How cool is that?

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