What is Clickbank’s Gravity Score?

If you are an affiliate marketer who uses Clickbank to promote products (and if you don’t, then you are missing out on a serious lucrative avenue for making bank online) then you will be familiar with the term “gravity score”. ┬áNo, this doesn’t have anything to do with Issac Newton and falling apples but is in fact a metric that measures the sales figures of any given product.

Fundamentally, Clickbank gravity is a measure of the number of sales being made of a product – but there is an important catch with gravity score that you need to understand. It is not necessarily an indicator of sales figures in the purest sense (i.e. a product with 100 gravity might actually be making less sales in total than a product with 60 gravity). Instead, it is a measure of how many different affiliates have made at least one sale of that product in a given time-period. So a product with a gravity score of 100 has had at least 100 different affiliates make a sale.

Gravity score can be misleading in the sense that some products generate massive numbers of sales from a very small band of affiliates, in which case they would demonstrate a low gravity.

The more you know eh?

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