AffiloBlueprint vs AffiloJetpack

One of the great conundrums of affiliate marketing is picking between exceptional products. I know it’s tempting to buy everything in sight, but at the end of the day you will go broke long before you ever make any money if you follow this course of action!

In today’s little showdown, I’m pitting Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint versus, well, Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack.

Which of these two affiliate marketing giants is the best? Who will come out on top? Action, drama, and suspense abound as we delve into these two great products. But there can be only one winner!

Let’s start by outlining the basic differences of the two products. AffiloBlueprint can go first:

* Full “over the shoulder” training system for creating profitable affiliate websites
* Shows you every single step Mark uses on some of his own projects to make money
* 12 step training course with over 85 videos and accompanying lesson notes
* Structured homework to keep you on track
* Free hosting for 1 site for a year with one-click WordPress installation
* Bundled AffiloTheme is great for building slick sites; I used it to build this website
* Members’-only forum
* Cool bonuses (PPC and CPA training guides that are worth a lot of money by themselves)
* 1 month’s free access to Affilorama Premium, which is well killer

And in comparison, with AffiloJetpack you get:

* “Done for you” site content for up to 5 websites
* Killer niches with great longevity (dog training, golf, green energy, weight loss etc)
* Free hosting for all your AffiloJetpack sites
* The older version of AffiloTheme, which is nonetheless pretty good
* A whole year’s worth of autoresponder content (including monetization) for each niche – this is where the real value lies in AffiloJetpack
* 3 professional quality reports for each niche pack, which you can use to give away as a lead generation incentive
* Header graphics for your site
* Special members’ only forum (with a lot more activity than the AffiloBlueprint one)

So out of AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack, which is better?

Well, it really depends what your aims and purposes are. If you want to LEARN how to do affiliate marketing, then AffiloBlueprint is the obvious choice. After all, it is a “legacy brand” in terms of affiliate marketing training. Furthermore, with the latest version of AffiloTheme bundled in, and some nice bonus training material, it does represent pretty darn good value.

AffiloJetpack is still a good product, but it is more suited to those who already have the skill to put together quality websites. The ‘done for you’ content is really cool (and the bonus reports you can use to build your list are great). However, I just don’t think Jetpack can match the “freshness” of AffiloBlueprint!

Get your copy of AffiloBlueprint here – and remember to leave a comment if you need any additional support or advice.

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