Want To Learn Long-Tail Keyword Research? Watch This Video

I don’t subscribe (not as in opinion, but as in pay monthly fees) to many programs or software suites for Internet marketing and SEO. The hard truth is that most things can be done for free, especially if you don’t mind putting in elbow grease or fiddling around with data. Most SEO software tools simply take something you could achieve for free and massively reduce the amount of time it takes.

One product I do pay for each month is Long Tail Platinum, which is one of the most well-known software solutions out there for finding keywords that rank and have great buyer intent.

The team at Long Tail Pro/Platinum recently broadcast a fantastic webinar that was all about finding lucrative long-tail keywords and then targeting them with your affiliate websites. Although it is very much focused on using their particular software to perform this research and targeting process, there are some great tidbits of information in there.

NB – I plan on doing the most comprehensive Long Tail Platinum review on the Internet in the near future. This will be one to watch out for, so stay tuned. If you’re sick and tired of reading “fanboy” reviews, then you know my form and know that I call a spade a spade. In fact, one of my goals in the future is to create a website where I just review IM products honestly, with no BS.

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