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If there’s one thing I’m a big fan of doing, it’s giving honest reviews. When it comes to reviewing Internet marketing products (or any product for that matter) honesty is always the best policy. I’ve had fantastic feedback on my Affilorama reviews, as well as Done For You Commissions and other products that I’ve picked apart.

I’ve been out of action for some time on Internet Marketing Training For Newbies, having been spending lots of time working with my brother on our 3D printing blog (my role has involved putting together what promises to be an AWESOME beginner’s guide to 3D printing ebook … the likes of which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else).

Anyway, today I’m brining you an honest Trust Jacker review.

Now I noticed Trust Jacker when I was reading a blog called “Stupidity Is Contagious” – a site I enjoy browsing for politically incorrect opinions on just about everything you could imagine. One of the most recent posts is a review of Trust Jacker, and I sat down with my evening snack and read through it.

My interest was piqued, and I decided to look further into Trust Jacker after learning it is a Clickbank product. I love reviewing Clickbank products, as there is such a sharp divide between the good and the bad.

With sales/gravity figures like this, it’s immediately obvious that Trust Jacker is selling with some good volume:

Trust Jacker Review

Trust Jacker Review – What Is Trust Jacker?

Basically, Trust Jacker is a WordPress plugin that enables you to profit from CPA marketing (best explained as where you earn money whenever you get someone to fill out a contact form/lead generation page etc).

The whole purpose of Trust Jacker is to enable you to combine real-world viral news with CPA advertising to make bank.

You use Trust Jacker thus:

1. You find a “newsworthy” or “shareworthy” article on a popular or authoritative website … I’m talking about the kind of article that has the headline ‘Justin Bieber gets arrested for dealing Ice’ that is bound to elicit shares and clicks (to anybody of a litigious nature reading – that was purely an example for illustration’s sake)

2. You find a CPA offer that would appeal to the target audience of the page you’re sharing (such as a music offer for Justin Bieber fans)

3. You use the Trustjacker plugin to combine your CPA offer with the news/article link.

4. You share the “TrustJacked” link on your Facebook news feed/fan pages, Twitter feed, email list … whatever

5. Naturally curious readers click through and read the article on the reputable site; but when they close the tab or window are confronted with your CPA offer (and think it actually comes from the site itself).

6. If someone fills out the CPA offer popup, you get the commission. Depending on the offer it could be from a few cents up to $10+.

There’s a bit more to Trust Jacker in terms of the mechanics of the plugin; but that is not an issue I am willing to concern myself with in this review.

Instead, let’s skip straight to the important part – whether or not you should spend any time and money on Trust Jacker.

Trust Jacker Review Conclusion

So should you buy Trust Jacker?

My opinion … probably not.

The plugin certainly does what it says on the box. However, this viral news hijacking concept is nothing new, and has been explained a billion times on forums like Blackhat World.

The concept is simple; wait for news to break, link to a  news article from your social media sites/blog/whatever, and then use Trust Jacker (or whatever other platform you have at your disposal) to require visitors to complete a CPA offer before viewing the article.

The formula is simple, but the execution is not.

Your friends and family are soon gonna get PISSED with you sharing “breaking news” and “hot gossip” that requires them to register for surveys, fill out their ZIP codes, or enter personal information to proceed.

The only way that I can foresee Trust Jacker working effectively is if you have massive Facebook pages with large following, kind of like this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 1.22.17 pm

You could then blend in the occasional Trust Jacked link with regular posting, and hope that your devious efforts to get CPA profits glide under the radar. However, if you do this too much you will irritate your fans, who in turn will let their displeasure be known (which could potentially tank your Facebook page.

But at the end of the day, ask yourself the following question: Do you enjoy seeing an interesting news link or article on your Facebook feed, only to click through to some fill-in-a-survey-to-win page? Of course you don’t … so why would you want to foist this same dodgy deal on others?

What’s The Alternative?

So you had your hopes pinned on Trust Jacker as being the answer to your Internet marketing prayers? Sorry to have just dashed the dream; but I do believe fundamentally in the need to be honest and upfront with product reviews and recommendations.

If you want to make money with CPA advertising – something I am not hugely experienced in – then I suggest you start by taking a look at the Blackhat World “Making Money” forum; there’s a wealth of advice about CPA marketing on there.

If you’re after something a little more whitehat, then Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint 3.0 course features some videos on CPA … and teaches you how to build a useful website that can . Following this kind of whitehat money making method will take a lot longer than deploying a tool such as Trust Jacker, but at least you will be building a more stable form of online income that won’t be built on the back of irritating your friends and colleagues.


1 / 5 stars     

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