Which Affilorama Training Product Is Right For You?

I’ve spent a lot of time doing reviews of Affilorama products, such as AffiloJetpack and AffiloBlueprint 3.0

If you’re after some new affiliate marketing training and rushed for time, then use the following table to help you guide your purchase decisions.

Because they do not feature training “per se”, I have omitted AffiloTools and AffiloTheme from the matrix.

NamePriceMy RatingPurposeDescription
AffiloBlueprint$197*****Step-by-step affiliate marketing "over the shoulder" style.Complete training package + hosting for your first affiliate site. Good value considering the comprehensive training and members' forum.
AffiloJetpack$497****Done-for-you affiliate site content in a variety of nichesGreat for setting up multiple affiliate sites with profitable newsletter sequences. Pricey though, and training very weak. Recommended for intermediate and advanced affiliates.
Affilorama Free$0***Free beginner affiliate trainingAffilorama Free provides a basic introduction to affiliate marketing with free video lessons. However, quite outdated.
Affilorama Premium$67 **"Premium" monthly training package + AffiloTools membership.Training is average and PLR insufficiently fresh, but worth it if you are interested in AffiloTools & free hosting. If SEO is your game then change rating to 4 stars, as AffiloTools is very useful.

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