How to Expand Your Content Marketing

Ever since the Google Panda algorithm change in February 2011, it has become increasingly clear for many SEO analysts that the role of quality content is only going to grow in leaps and bounds. Whereas link building and clever on-page SEO optimization techniques were formerly the mainstay of effective search marketing, the past few years have seen the meteoric rise of content marketing. This article examines some of the most effective methods for expanding your content marketing to deliver a measure improvement in SEO performance.

Craft more content

The easiest content marketing technique that will boost your SEO efforts dramatically is as simply as crafting more content. Whether you are a fan of blog posts, videos, how-to articles, or infographics, you need to dedicate additional time and resources into expanding your content base. Examine your weekly schedule and see if there is any additional time you can dedicate to creating content. If you have any spare funds in your marketing budget, then also consider allocating those to outsourcing the creation of high quality content. As a general rule, the more interesting information you are able to place on your website (in whatever format you wish) the greater your chances of SEO success will be.

Syndicate wisely

One of the most prominent trends in content marketing has been the growth of syndication as a promotional method and SEO technique. Instead of simply adding a piece of content to your own site, the practice of syndication demands that you try to get it added to other blogs and websites, article directories, and Web 2.0  platforms. Ostensibly there is nothing wrong with syndicating content, but issues can arise in terms of duplicate content and perceived quality if you are syndicating wholesale across many different platforms. Resist the temptation to syndicate your content everywhere that will take it, and instead pick a select few outlets that you have carefully vetted for quality and proven readership.

Convert and share

To get the best possible SEO benefit from your content you need to convert it into different formats, and then share them with the rest of the world. Imagine you have just written a fantastic blog post; do not merely publish it on your website and leave it at that. Instead, you should take that blog post and turn it into a slideshow presentation. Upload this slideshow to document sharing websites, and in turn distribute those links through social media platforms. Follow this up by using screen capture software to record yourself narrating the blog post over the slideshow, creating a captivating video in the process. Submit this video to YouTube and once again share it through social media channels. Finally, you should take the audio from your video and turn it into a podcast. Converting and sharing your content in such a manner brands you as an expert in your niche, and helps you maximize the return on investment.


In conclusion, you now have at your disposal a powerful arsenal of content marketing methods that will help you enhance the SEO of your websites and blogs. As link building and traditional on-page optimization methods continue to incur the wrath of Google (a trend which looks unlikely to stop in the near future) you will reap the rewards of effective content marketing. Focus on delivering exactly what your audience desires in terms of content, and you will be on the path to search engine success.


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