Affilorama Premium Review

If you have been Internet marketing (especially affiliate marketing) for some time, then you will probably be familiar with Affilorama. This is super affiliate Mark Ling’s primary teaching resource, and offers cutting-edge training in the form of free lessons and resources for aspiring affiliates. You can also upgrade your free membership to paid products, such as AffiloJetpack and AffliloBlueprint (read my review of AffiloBlueprint here if you’re interested).

Another cool thing about Affilorama is that I write on the blog there. You should take the time to check out some of my posts; I do hope you like them.

One of my favourite aspects of Affilorama is Affilorama Premium. This is a monthly subscription service, which costs $67 (but you can get a $1, 7-day trial here). Although an annualized cost of $804 might seem a little on the high side, there are some very immense benefits to joining Affilorama Premium which I would like to outline now:

Free hosting for up to 15 websites

One of the “crappiest” aspects of Internet marketing is paying for web hosting. Unless you are one of those people who just does YouTube marketing, makes Squidoo lenses, or doesn’t mind the relative insecurity of free blogging platforms and non-premium hosting, then you will probably find yourself having to invest in web hosting. Unfortunately, all this hosting can get pretty damn expensive….

Let’s say you have three websites and they cost $5 per month each to host (which in my experience would mean you’re getting pretty cheap hosting). That’s $15 per month, or $180 per year on hosting alone.

Now imagine you had 15 websites – perhaps you’re an Adsense guru or have multiple mini niche sites – that works out at a whopping $900 per year in hosting alone.

Affilorama Premium gives you hosting for 15 sites. This is full cPanel hosting as well, not just plug-and-play WordPress only hosting. In the case of someone like me who has about a dozen different websites, I’m already breaking even just by using Affilorama Premium.

Having all that hosting available also gives you motivation to create and experiment with new marketing techniques on a whim. Feel like trying out autoblogging software? No problem – just grab a domain, install your script, and you’re good to go.

AffiloTools Kicks Ass

Another reason you should join Affilorama Premium is to take advantage of AffiloTools. This is Affilorama Premium’s all-new tools suite, and as I happen to personally know the developers I can vouch for the immense amount of manpower and dedication that has gone into creating this winning piece of web-based software.

Basically, AffiloTools lets you manage all the SEO, social media, and traffic related aspects of your site from one convenient location. You can check out a chart of your rankings over time for specified keywords, keep track of on-page SEO errors, research new keywords, import your analytics data through the dashboard, and even use it to impress SEO clients.

The price of admission is included in your Affilorama Premium membership, so you get even more bang for your buck.

Monthly PLR Articles

Another good reason to be an Affilorama Premium member is the fact that you get a free monthly package of PLR articles. These are generally well-written articles, and can be useful for quickly creating a newsletter sequence, fitting together to create a giveaway report, and all that.

On sites like Fiverr you can also hire article rewriters to 100% “unique” a PLR article for you. This means that you can have a whole site’s worth of content for less than $200 bucks (assuming 40 articles rewritten at $5 each). That is EPIC value in my opinion; especially as I can get away with charging upwards of $30 per 500 word unique article that I write – the expense with hiring writers always comes from the fact that it costs a lot to create a unique article from scratch. Rewriting is a simpler process and requires less thinking, but faster keyboard finger work.

Combine these rewritten articles with your free hosting and some cheap domain names, and you could have 15 websites set up for probably less than $2000 in your first year. Even if you earned just $10 per week per site, you would make your investment back in less than half a year… nice!

Summing Up My Affilorama Premium Review

As you can see, Affilorama Premium is, pound-for-pound, one of the best value Internet marketing training options available. $67 a month might seem like a high sticker price at first, but when you start to consider all the additional goodies that are thrown into the mix it becomes a winning proposition (I mean you shouldn’t forget that Affilorama Premium also comes with a whole load of exclusive training and expert interviews too).

If you’re interested in Affilorama Premium, then try it here for just $1 for 7 days.


5 / 5 stars     

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