Introducing Numerik

This post originally appeared on my new website, Reviews Boss

For my regular readers, you have probably noticed that I haven’t been particularly active on this blog for a while. I do apologize wholeheartedly for this (and do promise to start doing more reviews in the near future, as well as providing more updates about the affiliate/Internet marketing strategies I’m using at the moment).

There is a good reason for my prolonged hiatus. I’ve been working on an extremely exciting project for the past few months that  I am now ready to announce to the world. As of March 2017, I have officially started as Marketing Manager for Numerik.

We are currently in the process of developing a cutting-edge SaaS for sales reps to help you hit your targets/quotas. Numerik isn’t just another CRM – our application works alongside the data from your existing CRM to help you put your target at the forefront of all sales activities, and provide an actionable plan based on your existing results to help hit that target.

If you’re a B2B sales rep or manager looking to hit and exceed your sales targets, then I want to hear from you as a potential candidate for our Early Access program that will be launching later this year. If you know anybody else who might fit the bill as well, then I’d really appreciate it if you referred them on to me!

Go here to learn more about Numerik and find out how you can become part of our Early Access program.

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