How To Create A ‘Passive’ Income Stream For $1

Passive income is the big buzz word in the Internet marketing world. Everybody is obsessed with trying to find the holy grail of passive earnings – that is making money, even while you’re sleeping.

Now there are a million and one guys (and gals) out there offering to teach you the secrets of making a six figure passive income “with just a few clicks of your mouse” – all for the “rock-bottom-never-to-be-repeated price of $[insert value, usually ending in seven, here]”.

But ignore the snake oil salesmen, because I’m here to show you how you really can set up a passive income stream for just one lousy dollar. Well actually, it’s one lousy dollar for your first month, and then about $20 a month thereafter.

What’s the secret?

Email marketing using Fluttermail, which is the world’s easiest-to-use “autoresponder” service. I used to recommend Aweber, but if you’re just starting out then Fluttermail is much easier.

The formula is very simple:

1) Get your Fluttermail account here for just $1 for your first month.

2) Write a two week (10-14 email) newsletter sequence that provides niche value to your readers, but which also promotes at least two different products (with a couple of hard sell emails thrown in the mix).

3) Create a quality squeeze page using WordPress or any other site building platform. You can even use a free Blogger blog if you wish.

4) Grab your squeeze page URL.

5) Get opt-ins and leads by promoting your newsletter series in forums, on message boards, with article marketing, blog commenting, and more. Remember to always provide value to readers/potential leads if you want to do well.

6) Sit back and watch the passive income roll in.

Now I’m not claiming that this method will make you rich. However, if you work at it consistently, remembering that I’m always here to answer any questions you might have, then I honestly thing you should be able to reach at least $50 per day (on average) promoting niche Clickbank products.

The timeframe to reach that level of passive income? Realistically speaking, it will probably take you three or four months, working perhaps an hour or two a day.

You see I’m not going to hype up any method I share – I’m pretty straight shooting when it comes to what I say. However, if you put the work in here, then you will make a healthy little side income.

I mean how great would an extra $300-500 per week be for your family budget? Especially considering it will only cost you one lousy dollar to get started.

Join ย the Fluttermail revolution here for $1, and start building your first passive income stream!


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