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One of my goals for 2015 is to reduce the amount I rely on selling Clickbank affiliate products, and instead branch out into offering more services.

This might seem counter-intuitive at first (after all … shouldn’t we always be chasing “passive” income?) but I’m the kind of person who likes a challenge, and who enjoys working with new clients and people. Doing small services that provide big value is a heck of a lot of fun.

I’ll still be affiliate marketing, creating info products, and building websites … but I’m very serious about exploring more service-based work.

If you scoot on over to my Fiverr profile, you’ll find I’m now offering a range of quality SEO gigs (basically small tasks) that will help you drive more traffic and gain better rankings from your site.

My goal is to provide a high level of service that is not commonly found on micro gig sites. If you’ve ever purchased on Fiverr before, then you’ll know that the site is riddled with some – shall we say – “crappy” gigs on offer, especially when it comes to the SEO and online marketing category.

Here’s a smattering of what you can order from me:

  • Link opportunity analysis, such as finding you broken link prospects, outreach prospects, and niche directories
  • Keyword research
  • Domain metric analysis
  • Affiliate niche/product recommendations
  • Content writing – although this will mostly be done independently as I do charge very premium rates
  • Affiliate website research and setup (I’ve got a very exciting project in the pipeline, so stay tuned for this)

Click here to see my growing range of Fiverr SEO gigs. I will also be offering more “in-depth” packages on People Per Hour in the near future. As part of my services venture, I will also be experimenting with over micro job sites like Five Squids etc, and reporting back on how I get on.

If you’re after a custom gig, then get in contact with me and I may be able to help you out further. Just head over to my profile and let me know what you’re looking for.

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