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I was chilling on the Warrior Forum this afternoon (normally I go on Black Hat World, for reasons which I discussed in my “What Is The Best Internet Marketing Forum” post). I decided to put together a high-quality post that showed, absolutely free of charge and with no linking to any of my own sites (beyond my signature link) how newbie affiliates could make themselves some handy extra coin by creating targeted Slideshare presentations.

There was more information in this single post than you find in most shitty $20 WSOs; the comments the thread received were very positive, and I was even thanked a few times.

And guess what?

My thread was locked by one of the P.O.S. Warrior Forum mods after about 30 minutes. No explanation given or anything; just locked and forever consigned to drift from the collective consciousness.

My guess is that Paul “The Jive Turkey Conman” Myers probably locked the thread because:

  1. I actually gave useful information in a thread, rather than selling it in a WSO (which would make the Warrior Forum money). As far as I can tell, the only topics allowed on the Warrior Forum are those that involve bashing newbies for not taking “massive action”, singing the praises of the retarded concept of article syndication, or criticizing those who have had their businesses wiped out by Google.
  2. I talked about using “spoof” traffic to boost your internal Slideshare ranking. Okay, this is a bit blackhat; but it’s a useful tactic that doesn’t hurt anybody. I’ll be covering how I do this in a future post AND showing you how to earn money by spoofing traffic with a killer free tool.
  3. I didn’t worship Paul Myers or Allen Says or Alexa ‘listen to me I use stolen images from a dating website’ Smith
  4. This method works, so there’s a risk newbies might actually take action – which would mean that they leave the Warrior Forum, stop wasting their money on the War Room membership, and stop buying $hite WSOs. 

Luckily for you, I’ve managed to salvage my thread’s content – and I’m going to give it to you as an exclusive freebie. If you like what you’re about to learn (and remember that I’m going to be expanding on this with more killer strategies and updates) then please consider:

a) Linking to this site
b) Liking/Tweeting/+1ing (share buttons are on the left hand side)
c) Leaving a comment below

Now, let’s get started, bearing in mind that this comes from a forum thread so doesn’t read as well as a blog post:


So I was weighing up turning the following “quick and easy” method into a WSO – but then I remembered I’ve got a big exam on Wednesday and creating this thread would be somewhat less time-consuming procrastination.

Basically, if you haven’t heard of the website Slideshare (or discovered its amazing potential yet) then allow me to get you up to speed:

* Slideshare is a Web 2.0 “document sharing” site
* Very similar to Scribd and Docstoc
* Slideshare presentations tend to rank well in Google for long-tail keywords
* You’re free (at the moment) to add affiliate links – remember to cloak them though!
* It’s very easy to drive traffic with Slideshare
* Making a “presentation” using PowerPoint takes no more than about 10 minutes

Do you see where I’m going with all of this? Basically, Slideshare is the ideal way for a newbie or struggling affiliate to make their first few sales.

Caveat: Before anyone jumps in here and swings their mace of “but you’re not building a real business and it could all disappear overnight” righteousness I must confess that:

A) I don’t really care – I’m in affiliate marketing game to make money, and if I have to cut and change my gameplan every so often then that just adds to the excitement.

B) Once you’ve started to drive traffic and make sales you should be using this method to build targeted LEADS

C) You’ve got to learn to walk before you can run; this is a confidence-boosting method aimed for newbies to make at least a couple of hundred dollars a week.

Before we begin:

* Head over to Slideshare.net and register a free acount
* Fill in your profile details, add a display picture etc
* Make sure you have Microsoft Powerpoint (or an equivalent) set up on your computer
* Get yourself a free Clickbank account at Clickbank.com

You’ve now got literally everything you need to make this method work. But what is the blueprint for success here?

Long-tail keywords with high buyer intent + 1st page rankings from Slideshare + Strong calls-to-action and presell content = affiliate profits

Here’s how to do it:

1) Head over to the Clickbank.com marketplace

2) Pick a category that interests you (for example, I like video games so I’ve picked the games category)

3) Under the “Filters” on the left hand side of the screen, set minimum gravity to 10 and maximum gravity to 75 – for now that is

4) You will be greeted with a decent sized list of products – all of these products are making sales but won’t have enormous competition

5) Pick your first product. I suggest working methodically through the products here, checking out each sales page for quality of copy etc. (I chose one called “Diablo 3 Gold Secrets” for example – if you search Diablo 3 Gold Secrets review in Google I’m on page 1 with a Slideshare presentation under a pseudonym)

Remember to grab your affiliate link and add a tracking ID that says “Slideshare”.

6) Now it’s time to create a list of different keywords for your product that have “high buyer intent”. Basically, this means you are targeting long-tail keywords where the end user has already decided they are probably going to buy something.

Examples include:

[Product name] + review
[Author name] + [Product name] + review
[Product name] + discount

You get the idea… basically any “long-tail” keywords targeted to the product name will work (although in a future post I’m going to show you how to target non-product keywords as well)

Write these keywords down in an Excel file. Do a quick targeted competition search eg “[product name] + review” (in quote marks)

P.S. Before anyone has a little cry we’re not actually checking search volumes at this stage in the process – this is the “raw model” which I will be refining for you over the coming days We are going for a shotgun approach here, just to show that the rankings methodology works!

7) Create Powerpoint presentations of 5-20 slides, using those keywords you just researched. Basically, if I’ve got 5 keywords for a product I will do maybe 10 presentations with a whole bunch of different keyword combinations. Just remember that EACH presentation needs to have ONE main keyword, but can also feature the other keywords in your “group” where it suits.

Here are the guidelines for creating PPT presentations:

* Title slide should feature your main keyword and a CTA to your affiliate link (use TinyURL to cloak if you’re too poor to do domain redirection)
* Use an attractive Powerpoint template
* Structure your presentation like a review
* Instead of being wordy, use lots of bullet point text that is short and snappy
* Repeat your keyword every 2-3 slides
* Add CTA links to your affiliate link (using “click here”/similar anchor text) where relevant
* Remember to add lots of images, preferably of the product in action
* It’s always better to add more content than too little
* Use bigger font and make more slides – Slideshare shrinks your presentation
* Save your presentation as [your keyword].pptx

8) Create 5-10 presentations in this manner

9) Now it’s time to upload them in bulk!

10) Using the upload feature of Slideshare, remember to do the following:

* Set the presentation title tag as [Your Keyword]
* Write a 100 words plus unique description that features your keyword
* Set as many relevant tags as possible

11) Rinse and repeat

Within 24-48 hours, your presentations should start to appear in Google. Some will jump right to page 1, whereas others will drop off and seemingly be buried 6 feet under. However, at the moment this method is all about getting your links out there and hopefully getting some clicks cash coming in.

Once you start to see the results come in, you can rinse and repeat with another product (and so on) – you could even do this for Amazon products as well!

I’ve put together a video guide on this method – watch it here on YouTube

Soon I’m going to cover:

* How to “spoof” traffic to your presentations for higher internal rankings (this is kinda naughty, but works like a treat)
* Building links with powerful (and cheap) automated software for higher rankings
* How to increase your CTRs and sales
* Outsourcing this method for autopilot profits
* Using this method to generate LEADS (and building a lasting business)

Thanks for reading! If you’ve got any questions at all just ask below and I will do my best to help you!



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