Want A Kickass Vector Logo Or Image For Your Site?

I’ve always been a big fan of Fiverr, both as a seller and a gig buyer. Although it’s fairly tricky (and would require a heck of a lot of spare time) to make a decent livingĀ off Fiverr, it is totally feasible to make some very useful spare cash.

I’m offering a Fiverr gig at the moment, where I will turn any image you might have into a high-quality vector – for just $5

Plus if you buy one, you get another image vectorized for free; how cool is that?

Go here to order your vectorized images today.

Vectorized images look fantastic as logos, and can also be used to spice up boring web pages, Web 2.0 properties, or documents. Getting a portrait image vectorized is also fantastic if you want to put your face out there, but have an added element of mystery and web-security.

Here are some vectorized images for you to chew over (please note that these are downscaled for web-display, and so won’t look quite so fantastic!)

vectorized fiverr image


Order your “buy one get one free” Fiverr vectorization gig here

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