Stop Wasting Your Time Finding Long-Tail Keywords

Are you still trying to find profitable long-tail keywords?

Of course you are – I mean keywords are the absolute building block of any profitable website. Even the most hopeless newbie understands that keywords are essential to getting your site ranking in the search engines (or running a profitable PPC campaign). Without good keywords, you’re doomed to fail.

But here’s the catch – you’re wasting your time trying to find profitable long-tail keywords. In fact (and I mean absolutely ZERO offense here) you’re probably crap at keyword research. However, that’s absolutely not your fault at all – because nobody has ever taught you the right way to find profitable keywords.

You see everyone is obsessed with finding high search volume, low-to-medium competition “how to”/info keywords.

You see it all the time – whenever you read a post on the Warrior Forum, or a WSO, or read comment threads on affiliate and Internet marketing blogs. The thought process is always the same:

1) Spend hours on the Google Keyword Research tool, hunting for those “golden nugget” keywords (you know, the ones that the gurus swear exist). Run some rudimentary competition checks, and then grin as you KNOW you’ll be retiring a millionaire this time next year.

2) Find a group of 10-20 keywords using that method and build a site.

3) Work yourself to the bone trying to rank for those keywords.

4) Finally get ranking on page one of Google, only to discover one terrible thing:

Those “golden nuggets”, those tickets to financial freedom, those totally killer keywords – they’re completely useless! You’ve spent all that time and energy, and you won’t make anywhere near the amount of money you had hoped, because you targeted the WRONG TYPE of keywords.

If you’re still doing traditional keyword research, using traditional tools, then you’re wasting your time. Unless you have the drive, energy, dedication and resources to dominate thousands of info terms in your niche, you’ll always be one step behind the clever guys.

Who are the clever guys?

The ones who have purchased my Keyword Research Redux guide. This is the ULTIMATE guide to finding profitable keywords. Basically, I’ve tailored the entire guide to help you find “buyer keywords” as opposed to time-wasters and freeloaders who just want free information.

Here’s what you’ll get from Keyword Research Redux:

  • Convert traffic into sales almost effortlessly – because you’re only targeting keywords where people have indicated they want to buy
  • Rank number one in Google much more easily, as these awesome keywords have very low competition
  • Make money faster than you ever have done before from affiliate marketing
  • Boost your profits dealing with much less traffic
  • Experience the joy of low refunds
  • Get one over all those losers, snake oil peddlers, and no-hopers who’ve tried to sell you their keyword research systems – I show you the only  training and tools worth your effort and time!
  • Get free updates and additional training for life!

Keyword Research Redux has already proven extremely popular. In fact, one out of every four people who visit the sales page buy. Learn more about Keyword Research Redux here, or purchase right away by clicking the button below. If you’ve got any questions at all you can email me on

Oh and that “only X copies left at this price” – that’s legit. I’ve set this up as a “dimesale”, meaning that the price will go up for every 10 copies sold, and I’m only selling 250 copies in total.

Keyword Research Redux


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