Newsflash: You Don’t Need Google

I’m not normally one to post up short quips just for the sake of stirring controversy, but a recent browse of the Warrior Forum (yes, I do have some guilty pleasures, even though as I outlined here I much prefer Blackhat World) turned up a comment too “gold” to ignore.

Here is what this well-respected WaFo member had to say about the role of Google traffic for a struggling Internet marketer:

alexa smith scam

This year’s Darwin Award goes to…

Any guesses as to who this Warrior Forum super-member might be? It could be none other than Alexa Smith, whose wacko theories on article syndication I have debunked on numerous occasions, but most specifically here.

I have nothing against Alexa Smith personally (some claim that’s not her real identity, but I am not going to be drawn into such conjecture). However, the fact that she spreads so much disinformation to well-meaning IM aspirants should be frowned upon by the wider community as a whole.

Regarding here “Google traffic is crap” comment, I’m the first to admit that you should never rely on Google traffic alone. In fact, in just about every blog post, article, and eBook I have written on the subject I have always implored people to seek every alternative traffic and income stream possible.

However, at the same time one cannot deny the¬†incredible¬†power of organic Google traffic. The world’s largest search engine holds the power to make you impressive sums of money just by holding on to its coattails. I for one wouldn’t turn down any Google traffic, and have always found organic search traffic to be of the highest caliber (especially when it’s targeted to buyer keyword phrases as I teach here).

Alexa Smith has a habit of saying some silly things regarding SEO and traffic generation. Some of her advice is actually pretty decent – in particular her methods of picking Clickbank products – but decrying Google traffic as being crap is a step too far.




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