Mass Income Multiplier Review

In this honest and real review of Mass Income Multiplier you’re going to learn whether this so-called “push button” solution is an easy ticket to online riches, or whether it’s just a whole load of nonsense!

Warning – I want you to know that what I’m writing here is 100% unbiased and the real deal. I have no affiliation to the Mass Income Multiplier team at all; I’m merely doing this review to enlighten you.

Mass Income Multiplier claims to be one of those “push button” systems for creating mega profits from affiliate marketing. According to the sales copy, you can just press a few buttons and pages with “viral” content will instantly be created combining text, video, and ads in the left and right sidebars in order to make you loads of money.

Sounds fantastic right? I mean if all goes to plan, who couldn’t give Mass Income Multiplier a good review?

Well, the truth is that Mass Income Multiplier is a load of nonsense on that front for two main reasons:

1) You cannot accurately predict whether content will go viral – there is absolutely no “formula” for creating viral content, and certainly no push button software that will do it for you. Read this interesting blog post (and completely honest review) about Mass Income Multiplier for a more detailed explanation of what I’m trying to say. If anyone promises you that they have the shortcut to “viral” success, then they are lying – plain and simple.

2) All the Mass Income Multiplier pages made by the different members who use the product are hosted on the same domain and hosting. So basically, you’ve got this massive content farm where loads of junk and spammy content is being plastered around for the whole world to see.

Now does that sound like a recipe for success?

Of course it doesn’t!

I don’t really need to say much else about Mass Income Multiplier, beyond the obvious fact that it is nowhere near as good as the hype makes it out to be. Seriously, you want to avoid any of these “push button” solutions, because they just never work like claimed (except for maybe Clyde’s Wiki Bomber, which is a very “blackhat” link building solution)

In conclusion, Mass Income Multiplier is definitely not worth the asking price. It claims to be an automated solution to things you cannot automate, and is unlikely to make you any more than some cursory chump change at best.

Don’t agree with me? Then check out the Mass Income Multiplier page here for yourself


1 / 5 stars     


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