Market Samurai Keyword Research Not Working?

Is Market Samurai keyword research tool not working for you? Have you found that it’s just not functioning as you might have hoped? If so, then you should take a look at Traffic Travis, which is a fantastic alternative to Market Samurai.

Although Market Samurai tends to return a larger number of long-tail keyword results, Traffic Travis is definitely more reliable. Furthermore, you can get started for free with Traffic Travis by downloading your copy here.

Some of my favourite features of Traffic Travis include:

  • SEO competition analysis to help you ensure that the keywords you target are viable BEFORE you sink valuable time into them
  • Effective keyword research module that is very easy-to-use
  • Great PPC analysis tools to help you get the competitive edge over other sites and boost profitability
  • Rankings and link count tracking to see your progress over time

You can learn more about Traffic Travis here – it’s a great alternative if the keyword research in Market Samurai just isn’t working for you.

One more thing before you head off – I bet you’re targeting the wrong type of keywords in the first place. In fact, I’m almost willing to go as far as to say that your keyword research process sucks (no offense, but I’ve found in my professional experience that this is true for about 99% of all Internet/affiliate marketers)

Repent from your cardinal keyword research sins here

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