Launching My First WSO Soon – Reviewers Wanted

Hi guys, how’s it going?

I’m sure you’re probably familiar with my love/hate relationship (mostly hate though, to be honest) with the Warrior Forum. I’ve documented that on this post about the best Internet marketing forum.

However, I’ve also decided that it’s time to launch my first WSO. I’ve got some excellent product ideas floating around, and at present I’m just putting the finishing touches on what will be my first WSO.

It’s going to be a step-by-step crib sheet showing the EXACT formula I used to get Google Pagerank 3 and 1st page rankings on a brand-new site (with a fresh domain name) in less than four months. The best part is that I haven’t had to work more than 30 minutes per day (average) on that site.

My plan is to launch in the next couple of weeks, and if you’ve already signed up for my free Super Affiliate Secrets report + newsletter then I will be sending you out an email the second the WSO is ready to launch (warning: the pricing will be seriously sharp on this – under $10 with bonuses) so that you don’t miss out.

However, I would like to also extend an invitation to get a free review copy of my WSO. I’m looking for five reviewers who can fit the following criteria:

  • Are able to provide a review in less than 48 hours
  • Able to email me a short review (less than 100 words) and include their full name and location
  • OR record a 30 second webcam review
  • Are comfortable with me sharing their review on the Warrior Forum
  • Get free lifetime access to my WSO in return

If this sounds like you, then please email me at sam @ immediately so I can get send you your review copy once I am 100% content with the finished product.

Please note you MUST be willing to supply your review to me in less than 48 hours – and you must provide either the short review or video review.



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