Is eCommerce The Best Money-Maker For Newbies?

I don’t claim to be able to predict the future. However, after polishing off my crystal ball, I’ve come to the conclusion that getting started with eCommerce (ie selling physical products to customers, as opposed to eBooks, services, or information) may actually be the best way to earn money online as a newbie.

Now I know this runs against the grain of conventional affiliate marketing wisdom, because everyone tends to teach that the easiest way to start making money online is affiliate marketing with info products (such as Clickbank eBooks). After all, the benefits cannot be ignored – you don’t have to deal with customers per se, there’s no inventory to handle, and all the payment processing is managed by a well-equipped third party

So why the hell would you want to do eCommerce instead?

Tangibility, that’s why!

In case you’re not aware of the concept of tangibility (and how it applies to online marketing) then you should check out this cool blog post by Simon Slade of Traffic Travis here. This guy really knows his stuff, and by applying the concept of tangibility to your business model you will be able to earn more money online.

I mean what is the biggest name in online shopping? Amazon, of course! And what are they most famous for selling? Well, just about everything that you could buy in a normal, bricks and mortar store.

Basically, when a customer arrives at a website and hands over their credit card information in exchange for a new watch, or maybe a new pair of shoes (or whatever they want to buy) they are getting something they can feel, taste, see, touch, and smell. Conversely, an eBook might be jam-packed with useful information, but it’s really just a collection of ghost-like data on your computer.

Of course there are some fantastic information products out there, which really overdeliver in terms of value (such as Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint course) but for the most part web users are more comfortable paying for physical products.

After all, you can find most information online for free if you hunt long and hard enough. However, I’ll eat my hat if you can find a free download of a new pair of Air Jordans. See what I’m getting at

So if you’re struggling to get conversions and you want to start making some real money online, it might be time to consider eCommerce and selling physical products. If you sell products that people want to buy at competitive prices, then you simply cannot go too far wrong.

How do you get started with eCommerce?

Perhaps the easiest way to build a reputable eCommerce site that sells profitable products is to build yourself a SaleHoo Store.

SaleHoo is well-known as the world’s largest directory of online suppliers and wholesalers (this makes them very popular with eBay users, who go to get great deals on popular products, especially brand name apparel and electronics). They’ve recently branched out into creating “point-and-click” eCommerce website software, namely SaleHoo Stores.

Basically, you can set up a powerful online store with secure payment processing, easy inventory management, the ability to handle repeat customers, drop shipping, and more – oh and it’s all so simple that even a five year old could do it.

Here’s how great SaleHoo Stores look:

salehoo stores ecommerce


And there are heaps of other great templates available that you can pick from. I truly believe that eCommerce offers one of the best “starting blocks” for making your first real dollars online, because it’s just so much easier to get sales.

If you’ve got any questions or comments don’t be afraid to ask – if not, go here to check out SaleHoo Stores in action for yourself.


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