How To Find Keywords The Stress-Free Way

There are a bajillion (is that even a number… because according to spell check it isn’t) different ways of finding keywords ready at your disposal. Every Internet marketer has their own preferred methods and tools for dominating keyword research – I outline mine here in Keyword Research Redux. In this blog post I’m going to teach you how to find keywords the stress-free way. This isn’t going to be the most comprehensive guide you ever read, but it will introduce you to the important concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

Using Ubersuggest

Google Suggest is one of the coolest resources out there for the humble Internet marketer. Where else are you going to get access to reliable statistics telling you exactly which long-tail phrases real Google users are searching? The only problem with Google Suggest is that it takes an age to manually scrape any results. Lucky for you, there is Uber Suggest to save the day. This kickass tool scrapes Google Suggest with the force of a million atomic bombs, and delivers up a huge list of potential keywords.

Here’s an example search:

ubersuggest sample search

And once the suggest button has been clicked here are the resultant keywords:

187 potential keywords for a few seconds work? I don’t mind if I do. And in case you hadn’t guessed, what you should be doing with Ubersuggest is entering multiple seed keywords and then adding all the output to a text file or spreadsheet for future reference. You don’t get any search volume metrics or CPC info with Ubersuggest results, so I like to consider this to be “raw data”.

What Next?

Once you have built up an initial keyword list with Ubersuggest, there are loads of different ways you can progress. My personal preference is to add the keywords to the Google Keyword Tool, check for search volumes, and then research the likelihood of being able to rank for any given keyword. You might have some other preferred method, however. But at least you know how to find keywords the easy way using Ubersuggest.

Want A Detailed Guide?

If you’re looking for a more detailed guide on how to find good keywords, then I suggest you take a look at Keyword Research Redux, which is my premium guide that will only cost you $7 (and it’s been getting rave reviews).

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