How To Find Buyer Keywords In 5 Minutes

Finding buyer keywords is absolutely crucial to making cash online from affiliate marketing, selling your own products, or anything in-between. If you don’t find buyer keywords, then you will have a much lower chance of making good money. So what can you do in order to find totally kickass buyer keywords?

Well, the first thing you can do is buy my keyword research guide here (it’s only $7 – and no offense, if you’re too cheap to buy that at $7, then you probably won’t go far with affiliate marketing… [I joke, I’m not that mean]). This is the only SEO keyword research guide I have EVER seen on the topic of getting inside the mind of potential buyers, as opposed to plain old information browsers.

So once again, make sure you buy it here RIGHT NOW.

Now back to your guide to finding buyer keywords in under 5 minutes; here’s how you do it:

1) Pick a product from your niche – whatever you are promoting currently on your site will work fine here.

2) Go to Ubersuggest Keyword Scraper – enter your product name (eg “AffiloBlueprint 3.0” if you’re promoting AffiloBlueprint)

3) Take the big list of scraped “product name” keywords.

4) Plug those back into a keyword research tool capable of generating approximate search volume estimates.

5) Pick out any keywords with more than 50 searches per month volume.

6) There is no step 6 – that’s all you had to do.

How easy is that? Profitable REAL buyer keywords in just a few minutes. You’re using the power of Google Instant/Google Suggest here to take real terms that people are searching for and turn them into profitable keywords.

You can thank me later; after you learn even more advanced strategies here.

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