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Hot on the heels of the success of my honest iWriter review, I’m giving you a 100% honest and accurate review of an exciting new content service, Hire Writers (you can sign up for a client account to buy articles here). Just so you know, I’m only reviewing Hire Writers from the point of view of buying content there; I haven’t actually got the time at the moment to go and write any articles for pay to get a feel for the experience, but I may do so in the future if I’ve got a little bit of spare time.

I heard about Hire Writers when I received an email from Brandon, one of the Hire Writers team, who said he really enjoyed my iWriter review and wanted me to do one for his service. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity, because I always love the chance to give a honest review of a new service. Now I must be clear and up-front here; I was given an account with $10.00 credit to buy an article, but this will not interfere with the truthfulness of my review one iota.

Now let’s begin with my Hire Writers.com review, and see if you can get good quality content for decent prices. Remember that content is the foundation of all good websites, and writing your own content takes a heck of a long time (heck, it will probably take me about five hours to write this one blog post… so you had better damn well enjoy it).

You can sign up for Hire Writers yourself here; there is a bonus credit offer for when you first register your account, so I would suggest that you take advantage of this offer immediately.

Anyway, here’s my experience with Hire Writers.com:

Arriving at the site I was greeted with a very professional looking interface, apart from a few ads scattered here and there (if you’re trying to sell a digital service, then I don’t think you should place any potentially distracting advertisements anywhere on your page). Registering an account is as easy as clicking to “get content written”:

Once you’ve got your account created and configured, you can credit it using all the usual methods like Paypal or your preferred credit card. In the above photo you can see some of the low prices on offer – but beware that you won’t be getting the best possible service for such small amounts of money.

If you’ve ever used iWriter, then you’ll feel immediately at home. In fact, I would have to lay a bit of criticism here for saying that Hire Writers is set up too much like iWriter. However, the service and layout is more professional and the interface cleaner, so I can’t knock too many points off.

Once your account is credited, getting an article (or group of articles) written is just a case of  clicking the big green button that says “get content written”:

From there it’s just a case of providing all the information you need to get your article(s) written effectively. You give a project description, article category, article length (I usually prefer in the region of 500-700 words), pick whether your want British or American English, and you’re almost there. It’s all very self-explanatory.

The only thing that confused me somewhat was the “writer’s time limit”, which is a feature I haven’t seen in any content marketplace before. As implied, you can pick a time limit for your articles – I’m going to guess that the longer the time limit you allow, the higher your chances of getting good articles are.

Picking the “writer’s skill level” will have a direct impact on the quality of the articles you get, and the higher their standard, the more you have to pay. As a rule, I will never pick beginner or general writers for anything on content marketplaces… although you get dirt cheap articles the quality is rarely up to scratch. Skilled writers offer a good trade-off between price and performance, and expert writers are obviously the pick of the bunch but cost the most. At the end of the day, it really comes down to how much you can afford and what kind of content you are after.

You also get the opportunity to pick the number of articles you want (I’ve picked just one), and what sort of tone you want from the writing. Generally, friendly style articles perform the best for blog or niche content websites. You can then specify the keywords you want to target with your articles, and you’re almost ready to go:

The only other thing I would mention about getting your articles tasked up is the ability to offer special instructions to writers, in order to get your articles looking just the way you want them. Here are the instructions I gave:

It always pays to instruct writers to use lots of bullet points and short paragraphs, as this ensures a higher quality result.

You can either pay the minimum price for an article (I paid $8.50 here) or you can specify a higher price to attract better writers. I prefer to set the price at its minimum with any content marketplace, and then use the tipping function on the back end to reward excellent service and quality.

Once you’ve submitted the article and your job is underway, you can monitor who has picked up your work, how long they have left to write the article, and manage all your projects from one convenient dashboard. Cool huh?

Now the proof is in the pudding, so rather than “bore” you with any more information I will link you directly to the article I purchased from Hire Writers, so you can see the caliber of the content you’ll get for around the $10 USD mark:

Click here to read the article

I think that this is a perfectly adequate article for the money. It’s not perfect, but at the same time it is eminently readable and ticks all the boxes. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about, and the standard is higher than comparable services. Hire Writers only accepts writers from English-speaking majority countries, so you’ll always get better results.

Compared with iWriter, which is its main competition, Hire Writers is leagues ahead.

To conclude, I give HireWriters.com a solid 4 out of 5 stars for its efforts (at least from the point of view of a content buyer; I’m not qualified to comment about the site in terms of writing articles for payment, because I haven’t actually tried that yet. I will do another review down the track when I have written a few articles, so stay tuned.

Although it shares many similarities with iWriter, I truly think that Hire Writers delivers a superior experience. The caliber of the content on offer seems higher (perhaps this is due to the selective nature of where writers can apply from – I’m not 100% sure). The service isn’t perfect; nor was the article I received. However, if you’re after a quick and convenient way to get some good quality content for your site, then you really cannot go past Hire Writers. The fact that you can also offer tips to writers who consistently deliver great articles is ideal; this way you can build up a useful relationship with someone who knows exactly what you want from your articles.

Get on board with Hire Writers today, and start making a real investment in your business by adding quality articles to your site.

4 / 5 stars     


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