Honest Affilorama Premium Review

Mark Ling’s Affilorama website is famous for releasing some top quality affiliate marketing training. Even the free Affilorama membership isn’t half bad as a starting point for your exciting future in the world of affiliate sales.

I’ve already done many reviews of Affilorama products, including:

* AffiloBlueprint 3.0
* AffiloJetpack
* AffiloTheme

Today I’ll be giving you my honest review of Affilorama Premium. This is one of Mark’s “top end” products, and as far as I am aware is his only recurring membership program.

From my perspective, the purpose of Affilorama Premium is to encompass intermediate to advanced affiliate marketing training, tools and resources to make running your affiliate business easier, and create an exclusive community of marketers.

What’s Included?

When you sign up to Mark Ling’s premium training course, you get the following:

* Exclusive affiliate marketing training videos that aren’t available for free members
* “Guru” interviews with successful affiliates and Internet marketers
* Over-the-shoulder blog bootcamp training videos
* A monthly 100+ page newsletter with training material
* Membership to AffiloTools (I’ll talk more about this later)
* 30 PLR articles every month
* Web hosting for 15 domains with full cPanel access

How Much Does It Cost?

Affilorama Premium is a membership product that rebels at $67 every month. There is a discounted annual subscription available, but most people (myself included) pay monthly.

You can try Affilorama Premium for the first 30 days for just $1. If you keep your membership ticking then you’ll be charged $67 for the next month – you can, however, cancel at any time in that first $1 trial month and you won’t pay any extra.

A Brief Note On AffiloTools

As I mentioned earlier, when you join Affilorama Premium you also get access to AffiloTools. This is the newest product in the Affilorama lineup, and it’s one serious cool piece of digital kit.

AffiloTools is a one-stop online marketing shop that helps you:

* Boost your profitability by finding quality long-tail keywords
* Easily track your rankings in different search engines for your chosen keywords|
* Unearth link building opportunities to boost your inbound link juice and search rankings (I seriously LOVE the link finder in AffiloTools!)
* Queue and post updates to your Facebook and Twitter pages to keep your followers engaged
* Import your Google Analytics and Clickbank data into one dashboard
* Plus it’s mobile responsive too … so you don’t need a bloated app to keep your affiliate sites on track.

I’ll be doing a full video review of AffiloTools when my Blue Yeti Pro USB microphone arrives from the States.

But for the time being, let me tell you that if you’re after an online SEO and marketing management platform, then it’s worth subscribing to Affilorama Premium for AffiloTools. You can try your first month for $1, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Affilorama Premium Review Conclusion

Overall, I give Premium a score of 3.5/5. That’s about a 70/100 if my (average) maths is anything to go by.

From the perspective of providing affiliate marketing training, I don’t think Affilorama Premium is all that fantastic. The guru interviews are reasonably useful, but as anything involving self-professed gurus, are full of too much hype.

The other training elements, such as the blog bootcamp, are all a bit dated in the post-Panda/post-Penguin world.

Methinks the affiliate marketing game is changing rapidly to form two distinct camps; those who are into churn and burn methods that exploit the latest, hottest method (preferably one that can be achieved with the use of automated software … Pinterest autopinning anybody?) and move on to the next one while all the late adopters flounder in the deepest, darkest recesses of the Warrior Forum – these guys make a killing with proper resources and execution. And on the other hand you have people who work hard to build quality, white hat “authority” blogs with regular readerships, and sell affiliate products off the basis of trust.

Unfortunately, the Affilorama Premium blog bootcamp is a bit too much focused on the “middling” affiliate-style blogs we are all so familiar with. That’s not to say it’s poorly executed training; it’s just that there are more effective ways to build a blog IMHO.

The PLR is a decent touch. But let’s be honest here – 99% of PLR that any Internet marketer downloads remains dormant in some dingy folder in ‘My Documents’, never to see the light of day.

If you are a PLR kind of person, then you’ll love the monthly supply of good quality articles. I prefer original stuff (although PLR eBooks are very useful I admit). I could certainly see a good opportunity for someone with fast article rewriting chops to use each month’s PLR pack to create multiple affiliate sites on the fly … hint hint!

However, if you consider only the training and PLR, Premium is still overpriced at $67 per month …

So why the 3.5 stars? Why not savage Mark’s product with a rubbish score, and throw the toys outta the cot?

Elementary my dear friend!

Where Affilorama Premium does shine is the fact that you get access to AffiloTools bundled in your monthly membership.

For affiliate marketers, AffiloTools. Kicks. Ass.

I touched on AffiloTools briefly in this review – I intend on doing a full video review in the near future – but let me tell you now that as a platform for doing important stuff like SEO and social media for your affiliate marketing sites, it really is very useful.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to manage multiple websites from one location, and do time saving things like schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for your pages, track SERPs for a variety of search engines, and import your traffic and earnings data into one dashboard, then Affilorama Premium is right for you.

I think the Affilorama team should really consider changing their product offering to be AffiloTools as the “main meal”, with the rest of Premium as a bonus on the side. AffiloTools is simply a far stronger product with greater pull, but at the moment it seems to be sold as the cherry on top of Premium membership.

If all you want is training on how to do affiliate marketing, then go for AffiloBlueprint 3.0. It’s easily one of the best “pure” affiliate training courses around, and you get some cool toys to play with like free hosting for your first site.

But if you’ve already got some affiliate marketing notches under your belt, and you want access to a great tool-kit in the form of AffiloTools (as well as some handy hosting that lets you experiment with new sites on the fly) then I think Affilorama Premium is well worth the investment.

Go here to try it for 30 days for $1 – yes that’s my affiliate link, and it ain’t gonna kill you to click on it!

3.5 / 5 stars     

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