GlobeSkill Review for Employers: A Great Place to Outsource Work Online

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Have you ever thought of outsourcing work?

If not, then you could be losing out big-time on your internet marketing efforts.
It is almost impossible to do proper internet marketing without outsourcing work to freelancers. There is always someone out there who can help you with your work; including web design, writing and translation and graphic design among other tasks and leave you concentrating on your core business.

GlobeSkill is a relatively new freelancing website that targets both freelancers and people looking to get freelance jobs. It offers some of the best rates in the market and it is very easy to use. Additionally, it has a top-notch customer care team that will take care of any queries you may have.

Advantages of Outsourcing Work to GlobeSkill

Below are some of the benefits of outsourcing work to this site.

1. GlobeSkill offers some of the best rates in the whole online outsourcing industry. Other freelancing websites will charge you up to 20% project fees while GlobeSkill charges only 4%. Currently, there is a special offer to buyers whose projects are awarded before 30th June 2013 – the 4% fee will be waived. In case you are reading this article past that date, the above fee will apply.

2. You can choose to have private or public bids depending on your preference and buyer package. Private bids can be drawn from a list of previously shortlisted bidders, thus saving lots of time.

3. You can choose to have sealed bids as a Gold member. This means that bidders will not see what others are bidding and therefore the process becomes more objective.

4. It offers free escrow services to ensure payment upon delivery. If you are not satisfied with the work, then you still have a say on whether the service provider should be paid, partially paid or not. GlobeSkill arbitrates based on evidence stored their server. It is therefore important to ensure that correspondence between the provider and yourself is contained within the site’s messaging system.

5. Gold members can post unlimited projects.

6. The site is non-cluttered, ensuring easy navigation.

How to Outsource Work to GlobeSkill

Below are some easy steps on how you can outsource work to GlobeSkill.

1. Sign Up

Sign up to GlobeSkill and subscribe to one of the two buyer packages; Free or Gold.
Gold members are charged a fee of $50 annually. There is a special offer for those who will subscribe on or before 30th June 2013. A 4.5% plus 0.35 USD fee will be charged as gateway and administration fees.

As a Gold member, you will be entitled to the following benefits as listed above:

a) Ability to post unlimited projects
b) Projects will be featured for free
c) You can choose to have public or private bids
d) You can choose to have sealed bids

2. Upload Funds

Decide on the budget of your project and upload funds to your account via PayPal or Skrill.

3. Post your project

When posting your project, make sure your instructions are as clear and detailed as possible. Statistics show that most employers get poor work done due to poor instructions.

4. Shortlist the applicants

Go through the bids carefully, making sure you get the best freelancer at the best possible price. Some things to check for include the freelancer’s portfolio and reviews among other factors specific to your project.

5. Communicate with your prospects

Out of all the bidders, you may have 2 or 3 who you find best. Feel free to communicate with them through the site’s messaging system to find out about their availability, their best working hours and probable turn-around time among other details.

6. Select the winning bid and award the project

Once you have communicated with the bidders you had shortlisted, you’ll be able to get a clear winning bidder who you’ll award the project to.

7. Fund an Escrow

Transfer the agreed fee to the freelancer’s account via escrow. Once you hire and transfer funds via escrow to the selected provider, a GlobeSkill invoice of 4% will be raised and deducted from your account balance. As mentioned above, the 4% fee will be waived if you sign up before 30th June 2013.

8. Communicate with the freelancer often

After the workers get notified that they’ve been hired and an escrow has been funded, they will then go ahead and start the work. Keep communicating with them in case they need any clarifications. Once they are done, they’ll submit the work to you via GlobeSkill’s messaging system.

9. Release the escrow payment

Once you are satisfied with the freelancer’s work, release the escrow payment to them. In case of any dispute,
GlobeSkill will help with arbitration.

10. Rate the freelancer

Give the provider an honest rating. This will go a long way into helping other employers on the system to get the best freelancers for their work.

It is important to maintain professionalism throughout your interaction with freelancers so that they can also give you a good rating. Note that having a great rating will influence the speed at which other freelancers will be willing to bid on your future listings.


GlobeSkill is a great site with great features and functionality. There are many qualified registered freelancers who will take on your job and work on it real quick. Furthermore, it has much better rates when compared to other freelancing websites. Regardless of the fact that it is still relatively new, it still comes highly recommended. Therefore, sign up to GlobeSkill today to start reaping all the above benefits.

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