Comment Luv Enabled

This is just a quick post to let you know that Comment Luv is now enabled on this blog. What this means is that every time you comment, you are able to get a quality, high PR backlink to your blog (this site has Google PageRank 3, so I would advise that you start commenting NOW).

It’s as simple as clicking the ‘Comment Luv’ button when making a comment. Your most recent article will then be linked If there is enough uptake by you, the humble reader, then I will consider upgrading to Comment Luv Premium, which will give you the option to Like, Tweet, or Google +1 any particular post in order to get more choice of the links that display back to your own site.

I’m open to all comments, provided:

1) You’re not spamming. I’m not stupid and I know the difference between a genuine comment and spam. Don’t even try it.

2) You try to refrain from using naughty words. What would your mother say?

3) You contribute something meaningful to the discussion. One-word comments will probably be rejected.

Cheers, over, and out.

Oh and get commenting NOW!


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