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How to Get Traffic With Slideshare & Make Coin!

So I’ve recently discovered the awesomeness of Camtasia Studio. I’ve decided to start recording a few blog posts and upload them to YouTube, and here’s one of my first. It’s Part 1 of a method that shows you how to get traffic with Slideshare and make coin. This is seriously one of the easiest and

What Is The Best Internet Marketing Forum?

Forums are one of the coolest things on the Internet. No matter what the niche or topic may be, there is almost invariably going to be a number  of useful forums or discussion boards available. For example, if you’re into playing guitar, then you’re probably familiar with sites like Ultimate Guitar, or Harmony Central. Perhaps

Exact Match Domains Punished By Google

Stop the press… I should have hosted this blog on because it now appears as if Google is putting the knife into exact match domains (EMDs). In fact, it doesn’t appear as if Google is lashing out against the EMD brigade – Google is cracking down on exact match domains. Now I’m not going to bore you with

Hubpages – Is It A Waste Of Time?

I remember when I first started affiliate marketing that Hubpages was one of the hottest places to go to make easy cash. You could rock on up and register an account, then churn out hubs targeted to competitive long-tail keyword phrases. You would then lace those hubs with Clickbank links (as well as Amazon and

What Is The Best Tool For Keyword Research?

As you might already be aware, keyword research is extremely important if you want to make money online. You need to be able to find profitable keywords (phrases that people are searching for in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines) if you ever want to learn how to get your website in front of peoples’

Article Directories – Are They Wasting YOUR Time?

It’s no secret that I cut my teeth in the affiliate marketing world by writing probably five or so long-tail optimized articles per day, and then submitting them to EzineArticles, Articles Base, and Go Articles. I did this for about 2.5 years, starting in 2008. Basically, I was a poster child for Travis Sago’s old