Case Study Intro – Does Squidoo Still Work?

After much thinking and “soul-searching”, I’ve decided that I am going to be changing the style of this blog completely. From now on there will only be three types of articles posted here:

1) “How to” guides
2) Case studies
3) Honest product reviews

My aim is to do one of each of these articles every week, and set it to a regular schedule. Of course this will probably go right out the window once I start to get busy, but here’s hoping anyway.

The main thing I’m going to focus on are case studies; specifically trying different money-making methods over the course of a month so you can see how profitable and easy some things are to get started (and how crappy others are). What I’m doing is putting my other online income from niche sites etc on hold – leaving it on autopilot – and will instead focus on bringing you cool case studies for the rest of the year.

Why? Because I’m sick and tired of reading blogs and Internet marketing websites where nothing much is really taught; it’s all just postulating on various subjects with “pretty looking words” only designed to attract search engine rankings and ad clicks. Instead, I want you to see the nitty-gritty reality of Internet marketing for itself, to learn whether it is right for you.

Here are some upcoming case studies that I will be doing this year:

* Does Squidoo still work? (Goal: Make $100 in 1 month from Amazon/Clickbank)
* Can you REALLY write articles for good money? (Goal: Make $250 in 1 month from freelance writing)
* Slideshare + Clickbank – Can I earn $50 per day in one month? (Goal: Have a week where I average $50 per day on Clickbank)
* Can you launch WSOs profitably? (Goal: Launch 1 WSO eBook per week for a month, and make at least $500 profit)
* 7 Kindle books in 14 days – is it possible? (Goal: Get at least 5 Kindle downloads per day = ~$10)
* Profiting from launch jacking (Goal: Earn $100 in 24 hours launch jacking a product)
* Content locking (Goal: Earn $100 content locking a new event)
* Blog hard blog often – what happens if I just write a new 1000 word blog post every day for a month? (Goal: Double the traffic to my Laziness/Motivation blog).

Now with all of these case studies I will make a weekly update on this site and let you know how I’m getting on, as well as cover how much time I’ve had to work, how much money I have made, and whether I think I will reach my goal for the case study. The goals might seem like small amounts of money, but the whole point of these case studies is to prove that anyone can do it!

The first case study is going to be seeing whether Squidoo still works for making money online. If you go onto a forum like the Warrior Forum, you will see never ending WSOs and eBooks claiming to show the secrets of cashing in on the Squidoo revolution (even though it has been around for ages).

My goal for this case study is to create 1-2 “lenses” every day, each targeted to a long-tail keyword phrase. I will then add in Amazon links and Clickbank links where appropriate, and hopefully earn some extra revenue from ad clicks etc. The aim is to earn $100 from Amazon and Clickbank combined by June 30, 2013. Obviously my hope is that this $100 will then become a recurring monthly income, which I will just invest back into my online business.

So in the next few days I will update this case study with where I am at, and whether I have made any sales or income.

And if I fail, you can all laugh at me 🙂


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