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Time-saving SEO techniques are extremely popular. Everyone wants to find a way of getting greater results from less work. However, there are a lot of “one click” SEO techniques that have absolutely no value whatsoever. In this article you are going to learn the real way to boost your SEO with a single mouse click. Others would probably package this up and sell it as a $17 killer “must have” report with a whole load of slick graphics and video testimonials thrown in to boot – but I’m going to explain it to you for free.

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If you want to instantly boost your SEO and traffic with a single mouse click, then you need to make sure that you have comments enabled on your blog. I’m assuming that you’re using a CMS such as WordPress here, as these are hugely popular for Internet and affiliate marketers because you can build a great website in next to no time. However, many themes (especially premium ones) take the liberty to disable comments for you.

This is often done to prevent spam comments such as this (click for a blown up view)



However, there is still a load of value in enabling comments on your blog. In fact, you would be pretty foolish not to run comments on your blog or website at all – if you go down this path, then you risk missing out on a whole load of awesome benefits. In particular, you will:

1) Build up a constantly evolving and “living” bank of content. Basically, you should think of every new comment on your blog as a revision or expansion of the artice/blog post to which it was posted. If you’ve got a 1000 word article and it winds up with 30 blog comments (all around 50 words each) then you’ve suddenly got a 2500 word article. Do you see the power in that?

What’s more, this content evolves naturally, so Google will love it – which is pretty crazing, considering they usually hate everything that doesn’t involve them getting rich at the expense of the hardworking Internet marketer.

2) Build trust with your readers. They come to your site and see that loads of other people are jumping in on the discussion and commenting. Therefore, these readers will automatically think that your website has something to offer (after all,  “social signals” are a very good marker that your site has something that is interesting and relevant to real people – why do you think that sites with huge Twitter and Facebook followings do so well?)

If you’ve got the trust of your readers, then you are going to make more sales. It really is as simple as that. When people trust you, they follow your recommendations and don’t feel like you’re out to rip them off.

Therefore, if you want to boost your SEO, improve your search rankings, and drive masses of targeted traffic as easily as possible, then you really do need to have comments enabled on your blog or website.

Of course you run the gauntlet of being spammed to death by guys running Xrumer on their custom-built spam machines (who then seem to spend most of their time offering “spam comment  blasts” on Fiverr, which newbies then purchase with no idea what they’re doing!). However, just set up a basic plugin like Akismet or WP Anti Spam, and you simply don’t need to worry. You will get some spam comments slipping through the cracks, but there’s just not a lot you can do about that, other than being vigilant and deleting them as they filter through.

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