Best Fiverr Gigs for Affiliate Marketers

Fiverr has become a pretty unstoppable online marketplace for “micro-jobs”. In case you aren’t aware of the concept, Fiverr is a site that allows sellers to offer any number and manner of “Gigs”, such as graphic design, translation, SEO, content writing, link-building, and more, all for $5 (a “Fiverr”). Fiverr makes its money by taking a dollar from each completed gig, meaning gig providers actually earn $4 per gig.

With such a diverse range of gigs available in so many different categories, there truly is something for everyone in the marketplace. Fiverr also provides us affiliate marketers with an excellent means of outsourcing repetitive and tasks, as well as finding people who are better than us at graphic design, transcription, programming, or video creation.

In this blog post I’m going to cover some of the best  Fiverr gigs for affiliates. Now let me clarify; I’m not going to link to individual gigs themselves much here, unless I find something truly spectacular. Instead, I’m going to walk you through some of the types of gigs that will give you the best bang for your buck, as well as things to avoid.

Fiverr Gigs for SEO

SEO and link-building can be a bit of a drag, especially if you don’t enjoy the writing or keyword research aspect of affiliate marketing. There are a huge number of SEO gigs on Fiverr, including lots of link building ones.

One of the most common types of SEO gig is where you can purchase an SEO report about your site:


These kind of gigs sell like wildfire, and if you want to know about the SEO statistics of your site (and whether you are optimizing your site correctly) then I can see why you might be tempted to purchase one. However, if you’re new to Fiverr and have a limited budget, then you should just download a free copy of Traffic Travis and create your own SEO reports!

Instead, if you’re after SEO gigs on Fiverr then I recommend you look for gigs that have a greater return on your very little investment.

For example, there are some useful link-building gigs, especially large scale linking using automated tools such as SeNukeX and xRumer. Mass social bookmarking and submission gigs are also very popular:

fiverr social bookmarking gig

That’s a whole lot of linking for five dollars.

Now before anyone pounces on me in the comments section and says I’m silly for recommending mass scale link building using Fiverr gigs, read my “caveat advice”:

  1. Don’t use Fiverr gigs to link to your money-site. People who have been burned in the search rankings after sending massive Fiverr link blasts to their money sites (by this I mean a main website, like Mark’s Enlightenment Gateway site) don’t really get much sympathy from me. Don’t use Fiverr link-building gigs – especially not ones offering thousands of links using XRumer, or SeNukeX, or any form of Wiki bombing – to generate links to your main websites. Instead, you should use these link gigs to generate links to your Web 2.0 properties, YouTube videos, or articles hosted on 3rd party sites. Remember that sites such as Hubpages and Ezinearticles receive MASSIVE numbers of links, so a blast of a few thousand blog comment or forum profile links from a Fiverr gig won’t raise the suspicions of the Google bot. Remember too that building links to your web properties that link to your money-site will raise your total link juice.
  2. Check gig reviews thoroughly. If there are lots of negative comments or poor reviews, then avoid a gig. However, if the gig has hundreds of orders and no negative feedback whatsoever, then there could be something fishy going on!
  3. Look for quality over quantity. When purchasing link-building gigs, don’t drool over gigs that promise thousands upon thousands of gigs at the expense of those offering a smaller number of better quality gigs. There are some great gigs on Fiverr that offer a small number of hand built links using social bookmarking, forum commenting etc; I still wouldn’t use these on my money sites, but they are a great idea for boosting your Web 2.0 properties and Ezinearticles.

Building links can be a really tiring process, especially when you’re trying to rank those smaller articles and Web 2.0 properties. Save yourself the hassle and use a Fiverr gig instead!

Fiverr Gigs to Boost Your Social Presence

Another reason I love Fiverr as an affiliate marketer is that there are a boatload of gigs to help you boost your social presence on the web. If you’ve gone through the AffiloBlueprint course (check out AffiloBlueprint here if you haven’t) then you’ll be aware of the supreme importance of social signals to successful search rankings and organic traffic. It seems as if social signals are becoming increasingly important with each passing month.

Social gigs are one of the most popular choices on Fiverr. However, I recommend that you avoid gigs that offer to Tweet your message to hundreds of thousands of followers, or add thousands of “real” followers to your account. Firstly, those massive Tweet blasts tend to yield negligible traffic, so you’re just wasting your money. Secondly, adding thousands of Twitter followers might be a great way to show off, but size doesn’t really matter when it comes to your Twitter follower base. It’s much better to have a smaller group of more targeted followers.

Types of social gigs that I do like include:

Facebook fan page likes – Getting fans to your Facebook page is never easy (unless you’re lucky enough to have a knack for building up big fan pages). However, gigs like the one I’ve shown below allow you to get a great head start with your Facebook fan page. Look for gigs that offer real likes, especially from Western countries.  Once you start to build up the likes, you’ll notice a steady stream of new people joining your fan page!

YouTube views and votes – One of the factors that YouTube uses to rank videos on its own internal search engine (and some say in the Google search results as well)  is the number of views a video has received. Likes and comments are also important too. With the rise of YouTube video marketing as a kind of “bum marketing 2.0”, basically every video submitted for the purposes of promoting affiliate links or squeeze pages probably has some form of artificial view manipulation going on.

Now I don’t necessarily agree with this, but if you don’t jump on the bandwagon then you’ll be left behind! There are a massive number of gigs on Fiverr that offer YouTube views. My recommendation is not to purchase based solely off the number of views, but instead look for gigs that offer positive votes, channel subscribes, and comments as well. This is far more natural than having a week old video suddenly get hit with 10,000 views – all without a single like or comment!

Fiverr Gigs for Graphic Design

As much as I love SEO and social marketing on Fiverr, the best use of this awesome resource is to get graphic design done for you. I’ve a little confession to make – I’m absolutely RUBBISH at graphic design. My photoshops look like a bomb was dropped on them, and I can’t make an eBook cover to save myself.

But nevermind, because the graphic design section of Fiverr has literally everything you could ever need for the same low price:

  • Logo design
  • Header creation
  • Image vectorization
  • eBook covers
  • Kindle covers
  • Sales graphics
  • And more

It’s all there on Fiverr, and there are some amazing quality gig providers who offer so much value for such a small amount of money.

Having professional graphics on your website, squeeze page, sales page, or eBook cover is crucial for getting people to trust you and take you seriously as an authority. As an affiliate marketer myself, graphic design gigs are definitely my favorite purchase on Fiverr.


Outsourcing SEO, link-building, and graphic design can seem like a complete nightmare at first. However, Fiverr provides an amazing opportunity to get fantastic work done at bargain basement prices. I recommend you try out Fiverr for yourself.

If you want to learn more about outsourcing and automation, then check out AffiloBlueprint as well.

I would also love to hear about your experiences, both good and bad, on Fiverr. Please leave a comment below!


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