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AffiloJetpack has been succeeded by the aptly-named AffiloJetpack 2.0. Go here for my updated review of the new version (you cannot purchase the old version any more).

I’ve been fairly prolific in reviewing a number of leading Affilorama products, including:

* AffiloBlueprint 3.0
* Affilorama Premium
* AffiloTheme

But today I’m turning my attention to the “biggest and baddest” product in Affilorama’s lineup. And I mean bad as in “good bad”, not “bad bad” … kind of like the Joker in Batman or something.

Anyway, I digress! In this AffiloJetpack review you’re going to learn all about Mark Ling’s flagship affiliate marketing product. AffiloJetpack is the USS Enterprise of Affilorama’s well-regarded stable of affiliate training material. By comparison, their other products may as well be lifeboats!

I’m not going to focus too much, however, on drawing comparisons between all the available products in the Affilorama lineup. If you want to see how AffiloJetpack compares to AffiloBlueprint, then read this article.

Instead, I’m assuming you’re here because you want to buy AffiloJetpack – or at the very least you’re contemplating buying AffiloJetpack – and you want to find out as much as possible about the product before you hand over your credit card details.

To make this review as easy as possible to navigate, here is a clickable table of contents:

Make sure you read my “AffiloJetpack Bonus” section at the end, as I’ll be offering you something very unique in the way of a bonus that nobody else is even dreaming of providing (hint: It involves one-on-one consulting with me via Skype or Google Hangouts …. damn I just gave away the surprise!)

If you’re already sick of this review and just wanna buy the damn thing, then go here to order AffiloJetpack.

The Basics

To start this AffiloJetpack review, let’s take a look at the (boring) basic facts of the product:

Price: $497

What is it?: AffiloJetpack is touted as a way for budding affiliate marketers to set up profitable niche sites quickly and efficiently. The magic happens on the backend, where you use the bundled newsletter sequences to promote a range of preselected Clickbank affiliate products to your audience.

Basically, AffiloJetpack does these elements of affiliate marketing for you:

1. Niche research
2. Product selection
3. Article/content creation (although you will have to make your articles unique)
4. Lead hook creation – you get three eBooks per niche that you can use as giveaways to get leads
5. Newsletter sequence planning and creation.

All you need to do is take the material, tie up the loose ends, and then start promoting your website.

What you get: “Done for you” affiliate site content in eleven different niches (of which you can pick five or buy a booster pack to get more). Each JetPack includes a year’s worth of email marketing newsletters, graphics, eBooks to be used as lead hooks, articles for site content,  and a whole lot more. You get a fairly basic traffic training course as well, although this is rather outdated.

There’s also some decent enough bonuses. One is a bootcamp training where Mark Ling builds an AffiloJetpack site and gets it making money using free traffic methods. The other is something called the “Millionaire Mindset Upgrade”. I’m not too fussed on all that positive mental attitude mindpower stuff, but if it floats your boat then you will enjoy that bonus.

Return window: As per any product sold through Clickbank, AffiloJetpack has a standard 60 day return/refund policy.

Who is it for?: In my humble opinion, AffiloJetpack is suited for affiliate marketers with a bit of existing experience who want to set up multiple profit-making sites quickly. I do not believe it is the best fit for a total newbie, and would recommend you check out my AffiloBlueprint 3.0 review instead if you are a beginner to the world of affiliate marketing.

The Sales Page/Ordering

The sales page and ordering system for AffiloJetpack is very “traditional” and in line with what you would expect from a product that is sold through Clickbank.

Here’s a sample of the sales page:

affilojetpack sales page

It’s got some compelling copy and decent testimonials, but if you’re already sold on AffiloJetpack then there isn’t much point at all in reading it. I would definitely say its on the “hypey” side of the spectrum, but not beyond what should be expected for make money online products.

Ordering is as simple as going through the Clickbank checkout process, and you’ll also be prompted to create an Affilorama account:

buy affilojetpack

Members’ Area

Once you’ve purchased AffiloJetpack, you’ll get access to the members’ area. This is where you’ll be able to pick and download your JetPacks:


On that note, you get to pick five JetPacks from the available eleven. You can see I have paid extra and unlocked all of the JetPacks by paying for “booster packs” (just like Pokemon training cards, only more expensive!).

You need to choose carefully because the JetPacks themselves are non-refundable – you cannot return one JetPack and exchange it for another. However, the whole product itself has a 60 day return policy.

How To Use AffiloJetpack

Using AffiloJetpack is fairly straightforward. For each niche Jetpack you have unlocked, you’ll be able to download the content like this:

affilojetpack muscle building content download

You’ll get a zip file that you can then extract, which opens up something like this:

affilojetpack contents

You’ll notice all sorts of goodies, such as articles, eBooks, and newsletters. As you might be expecting, in each of these folders you will find the relevant elements needed to build an AffiloJetpack site.

Here’s a look at the newsletters folder in the Muscle Building niche:

affilojetpack newsletters

You’ll notice the titles are assigned specific days – this helps you create a structured newsletter sequence that is spaced out over a year. By providing a year’s worth of content (with different promotions and affiliate products built in) you’ll be able to get more customers and build repeat buyers as well!

Remember that people need to see your message/offer multiple times before buying, so having the long newsletter sequence that promotes several key products is a huge benefit of AffiloJetpack.

Once you’ve downloaded all your content, it’s up to you to create your own website with it. Remember that you get a fairly basic affiliate-ready WordPress theme, called “AffiloTheme” bundled in with the package. However, you can build your site on any platform, or with any WordPress theme you wish.

Rather than make things too complicated, I’ve broken down a list of things I think you should do as soon as you get AffiloJetpack:

1. Pick a niche that interests you – there’s potential to profit in all of them, so go for one that really speaks to you.
2. Download all the “good stuff” to your computer … you’ll be coming back to it shortly.
3. Register a domain name and set up hosting for your soon-to-be-created website.
4. Rewrite your bundled articles or, even better, outsource someone on iWriter or Hire Writers to do it for you … freeing up your time for other work.
5. Edit the newsletter text files and eBooks to include your affiliate links; you’ll get full instructions on how to do this inside your AffiloJetpack account.
6. Put your articles on your site; optimize for on-page SEO, and add other “necessary” pages like privacy policy and contact.
7. Register for an email marketing service like Aweber (grab the $1 trial here) or Fluttermail (once again, get a $1 trial here) – add all your newsletters in sequence. I strongly suggest hiring a freelance worker to this as it’s time consuming work.
8. Using your giveaway eBook of choice (that you’ve edited to include your affiliate link) create an awesome squeeze page that links your site to the newsletter sequence.
9. Set up social media accounts for your site to make it look legit.
10. Start promoting, and keep adding fresh content as time goes on!

If you’re either a quick and dedicated worker, or willing to outsource some of the tedious stuff like loading the newsletters into Elance, rewriting the articles, and adding affiliate links (protip: hire someone on Elance to do this for you) then you could very feasibly have your first AffiloJetpack site ready to go in under 48 hours.

Once you’ve set it up, you’ll need to start promoting your new AffilioJetpack website. I’m not going to cover how to do this here, but will tell you instead that Mark Ling provides some reasonably useful traffic training videos (although the methods in them are really getting quite long in the tooth now to be honest). Just look through my blog for traffic training ideas!

Does AffiloJetpack Work?

Here’s the $497 question – does AffiloJetpack actually work? Is it a product that “does what it says on the box?”

Well, how long is a piece of string?

AffiloJetpack contains just about everything you need to get started setting up a profitable affiliate website quickly. I like to think of AffiloJetpack as being a service that delivers all the construction materials to a building site. The work of putting everything together and making it look pretty isn’t done for you, nor is the marketing, but you’ll have a great foundation to work with.

Although some aspects of AffiloJetpack feel a little dated and tired, such as the traffic generation lessons and bundled WordPress theme, the fundamentals are still very good.

If you’re looking for a way to get the “boring bits” of affiliate marketing done for you, so that you can focus on marketing and making money, then AffiloJetpack is a great choice.

At the end of the day, AffiloJetpack WILL work as intended if you take enough action to put a site together, set up the promotional funnel, and then get promoting. If you just buy your membership and then mope around with it, nothing’s gonna happen!

My AffiloJetpack Tips

If you’re going to buy AffiloJetpack and try your hand at creating an affiliate empire, then don’t go into battle without these tips to increase your success & profit:

* Outsource the re-writing of the content articles. Trust me on this one; unless you love writing you will soon find yourself bogging down and when progress slows you become disinclined to persevering. Just head over to iWriter or HireWriters and get the articles re-written.

* On the same note, consider getting entirely new articles with different keyword selections created. This will help you to drive more organic search traffic and differentiate yourself from competing sites.

* Make sure you update the giveaway eBooks to include some affiliate promotions. The content in the books is great, so don’t miss this opportunity to make extra affiliate link impressions and sales.

* FOCUS ON THE LIST BUILDING/NEWSLETTERS. Yes, I did just shout, but if there is only one part of my AffiloJetpack review that I want you to focus on, then this is it. You should dedicate 99% of your energy into getting newsletter sign ups and

A really simple setup would look like this:

1. Create a basic AffiloJetpack site with a great squeeze page – provide one of the eBooks as the giveaway hook. This squeeze page will become your focus point. Plug all the newsletters from your Jetpack into Aweber or Fluttermail.
2. Go on Elance or wherever and find a conversion specialist to help you tweak your squeeze page further. Once you think it’s almost perfect, spend another 10 hours making it even better.
3. Start driving targeted traffic to that squeeze page. Consider Facebook & Bing ads, media buys, solo ads, or even free methods like forum/blog posting.
4. Set a realistic goal, such as 10 new leads per day, and then let the AffiloJetpack newsletter funnel do the rest for you.
5. Once you start profiting, re-invest your income into driving more traffic to your squeeze page.

AffiloJetpack Review Rating

All things being considered, I give AffiloJetpack four out of five stars. The pros are very obvious; evergreen affiliate sites all-but-ready to go, great newsletters designed to generate profit, plenty of bonuses, great support … yadda yadda!

However, there are three main downsides to AffiloJetpack that I feel are important to cover:

1. It costs a lot. $497 USD hurts. You get a lot of stuff for your  money, but “sticker shock” may put you off buying.  That being said, I think AffiloJetpack offers fantastic value, even if the price is very high.

2. Some of the featured Clickbank products are out of date in some niches. The training and theme are also very dated. However, the Affilorama team does release content updates periodically.

3. You may find it overwhelming to pick a starting point, when there is so much to choose from. This can lead to over-analysis, procrastination, and generally not getting anything done (which means you won’t make any money).

AffiloJetpack Bonus

If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations … you are successfully my most patient reader to date. In all seriousness, I hope you have seen the massive potential that AffiloJetpack offers you as you contemplate starting (or expanding) your affiliate empire.

While AffilioJetpack isn’t perfect, and carries a very hefty asking price, I think it offers more than enough value to consider purchasing. If you’re serious about making right with affiliate marketing, then it offers my favorite “business in a box” solution.

My AffiloJetpack bonus is simple; purchase AffiloJetpack and you will receive the following:

* One hour’s initial consulting to help you pick your niche.

* A customized keyword list for your first niche, helping you to identify great potential phrases to target for fast results.

* A one hour follow up call after two months to make sure you are on the right track, and solve any problems you might have.

All consulting will be done via Skype or Google Hangouts, and times will be arranged after purchase.

To get this bonus you’ll need to follow these instructions carefully:

1. Purchase AffiloJetpack through my affiliate link here (or click any link on this page)
2. Email your Clickbank receipt number to sam @ (remember to take away the spaces!)
3. I will reply within 48 hours and we can get your bonus underway.


Because of the high price tag, I really want to dissuade you from buying AffiiloJetpack if you are not in a “comfortable” financial position; basically, if you are selling your clothes to front up with the $497 asking price, then don’t buy it.

Instead, start with a lower priced product like AffiloBlueprint, which will give you the basics you need to get started, and then work your way up once you are profiting.  If you’re totally broke, then try a free method like this.

My reasoning for this is simple; because my AffiloJetpack bonus is so unique (in fact, you could say that AffiloJetpack is the bonus to my one-on-one mentoring) and requires substantial time investment on my part, I don’t want to attract buyers who will hit the refund button when they realize rent money is due tomorrow.

Therefore, I will implore you to only consider buying AffiloJetpack if you can actually afford it and have the commitment to stick it out until you’re profiting.

4 / 5 stars     


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