AffiloBlueprint 3 Review in 10 Main Points

Affiliate marketing is my favorite aspect of Internet marketing. There is something that is just so thrilling about the ability to make great money selling someone else’s products. The secret to success with affiliate marketing is to pick a good training course to start with. Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint is one of the venerable classics of affiliate marketing training. In its third edition now, AffiloBlueprint is still as popular as ever.

In this AffiloBlueprint 3 review I’m going to rattle off the ten main points you need to now about the latest version of AffiloBlueprint, to help you decided whether it’s the right affiliate marketing guide for you:

1) AffiloBlueprint 3 is a step-by-step training system. Most affiliate guides (at least in my experience) take a”thematic approach” to training, which basically means that they introduce a concept and then prattle on endlessly about it without actually teaching anything useful. In AffiloBlueprint 3 you get to see every exhaustive detail that goes into niche and product selection, content creation, site building, SEO and more.

2) You get free web hosting for one domain, which helps to reduce your start up costs if you have never built a proper website before.

3) AffiloBlueprint 3 includes a bundled copy of “AffiloTheme”, which is a custom WordPress theme designed for building affiliate sites. This very website is built using AffiloTheme, which is handy because you don’t need any programming experience whatsoever.

4) There are new lessons added on a regular basis, and old lessons are refreshed periodically (I have insider knowledge on this, but I won’t reveal the full details of it… suffice to say that AffiloBlueprint 3 is unlikely to go out of date any time soon)

5) You will still need to put in work to make your website a success; just watching the training videos and thinking “yeah, I can do this” isn’t going to result in big affiliate paydays. Realistically, it will take you a few months before you see your first consistent sales. This is assuming you have about 10 hours a week spare to spend on your affiliate marketing efforts

6) There are 12 training steps, from research through to advanced website tweaks and PPC. One of the reasons I give AffiloBlueprint 3 such a high review score is the way everything is broken down into manageable chunks through the use of these training steps.

7) The hardest part of the course to master is SEO – at least if you have never dabbled in this dark art before. There are more SEO lessons in AffiloBlueprint 3 than you can shake a stick at, so you will need to have your game face on for this.

8) You get free access to a reasonably lively members’ forum, where there are many good conversations between successful affiliates. You can ask questions and Affilorama staff members will help you out, as well as your fellow “Blueprinters”.

9) You get unlimited free customer support and a 60 day money-back guarantee.

10) Everything you learn in the course is ethical and white hat. I think this is a big positive for beginner affiliates, because nobody wants to put a whole load of hard work into a website only to have it banished from the search engines by Google, or harangued by the FTC for breaking promotional rules.

For my review of AffiloBlueprint 3 I give it a deserving score of 4.5/5 stars. If you have any questions about AffiloBlueprint whatsoever, then feel free to email me on sam @ – or just leave a comment below.

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4.5 / 5 stars     


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