5 Social Media Tips for Businesses

When getting involved in social media, you can really augment your business profile if you do it properly. You do, however, have to be smart with how you budget and who you use to carry out the work. If done right, though, it can bring you in a steady stream of easy to sell to clients, raise your business profile and help you roll in the money. It’s also a great way to talk to your clients and find out what should be changed and build trust with access to you.

Since most small businesses do not have the money lying around to simply engage in trial and error marketing strategies. It’s important to understand what is working and what is not, and what the right trends are for your specific style of business. We have looked into five business practices that can be done with ease, and can help out the majority of businesses;

Improve your Profile – It’s really important that you have your profile for your website designed to the highest possible level of quality. Facebook is used by pretty much everybody, and Twitter is an easy way to bring traffic to you through viral methods. Filling out your profile with all the right details by having plenty of enjoyable unique content on there, and become active with those who you have worked with in the past. Get involved with similar Facebook pages, and ask if they would share your page with their readers – this is an easy way to get more followers and potential clients. An active profile will bring in more clients and raise your profile through Search Engine rankings and Social Media.

Run competitions – This is a great way to get your followers involved on your Social Media page. For example, tell them that by signing up to your subscription list on your website, they will be enrolled into a giveaway raffle, and the winner will be given something of worth. For example, if you sell websites, you could give away a free website or free maintenance contract.

Engage your Sales Funnel – It’s extremely important that you give all of your sales and products a strong sales funnel, led by a call to action. Make your readers know that they need your product and that it can solve their problems.

Create content – Get a blog, for a start. You can get great writers on Fiverr who can write you customised content easily. Link your blog posts to your Facebook and get them shared around by your readers, this is a good way to generate interest in your content, promote products, and give information out and also to promote your own business. Write content about the specific problems your business can solve, for example.

Search for customers – Keep a note of every customer you have ever worked with, and add them on Social Media websites. Ask them if they would be alright with sharing your page, and if they liked your service, leave a positive testimonial on your Social Media page.

Use all of these above to build trust, generate traffic and sales, and also make yourself a much more trustworthy and organised business. This can potentially bring more business without you lifting a finger – which is of course, the best type of business.

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