AffiloBlueprint vs AffiloJetpack

One of the great conundrums of affiliate marketing is picking between exceptional products. I know it’s tempting to buy everything in sight, but at the end of the day you will go broke long before you ever make any money if you follow this course of action! In today’s little showdown, I’m pitting Mark Ling’s

Warrior Forum Scams & Free Speech

I was chilling on the Warrior Forum this afternoon (normally I go on Black Hat World, for reasons which I discussed in my “What Is The Best Internet Marketing Forum” post). I decided to put together a high-quality post that showed, absolutely free of charge and with no linking to any of my own sites

Understanding Search Engine Optimization Link Building

Are you struggling to understand link building and how it relates to SEO? If so, then read this latest blog post (after you download my free Super Affiliate Secrets report here) Also check out AffiloBlueprint to learn some leading link building strategies! Links are used by search engine optimization sites such as Google to measure

How to Get Traffic With Slideshare & Make Coin!

So I’ve recently discovered the awesomeness of Camtasia Studio. I’ve decided to start recording a few blog posts and upload them to YouTube, and here’s one of my first. It’s Part 1 of a method that shows you how to get traffic with Slideshare and make coin. This is seriously one of the easiest and

Best Fiverr Gigs for Affiliate Marketers

Fiverr has become a pretty unstoppable online marketplace for “micro-jobs”. In case you aren’t aware of the concept, Fiverr is a site that allows sellers to offer any number and manner of “Gigs”, such as graphic design, translation, SEO, content writing, link-building, and more, all for $5 (a “Fiverr”). Fiverr makes its money by taking

Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

So I’m celebrating right now. Google’s share price has taken a hammering (down over 9% in about 10 minutes) because a printing blunder led to a premature revelation that third quarter profits for the world’s most “people friendly” (unless you’re an affiliate marketer or SEO practitioner, and then they hate you) company are down about 20%;

What Is The Best Internet Marketing Forum?

Forums are one of the coolest things on the Internet. No matter what the niche or topic may be, there is almost invariably going to be a number  of useful forums or discussion boards available. For example, if you’re into playing guitar, then you’re probably familiar with sites like Ultimate Guitar, or Harmony Central. Perhaps

Exact Match Domains Punished By Google

Stop the press… I should have hosted this blog on because it now appears as if Google is putting the knife into exact match domains (EMDs). In fact, it doesn’t appear as if Google is lashing out against the EMD brigade – Google is cracking down on exact match domains. Now I’m not going to bore you with

Want A Kickass Vector Logo Or Image For Your Site?

I’ve always been a big fan of Fiverr, both as a seller and a gig buyer. Although it’s fairly tricky (and would require a heck of a lot of spare time) to make a decent living off Fiverr, it is totally feasible to make some very useful spare cash. I’m offering a Fiverr gig at the

Hubpages – Is It A Waste Of Time?

I remember when I first started affiliate marketing that Hubpages was one of the hottest places to go to make easy cash. You could rock on up and register an account, then churn out hubs targeted to competitive long-tail keyword phrases. You would then lace those hubs with Clickbank links (as well as Amazon and