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When it comes to outsourcing article writing online, not everyone has the budget (or the need) to pay for absolute top-quality stuff. For example, I hire my services out as an article writer but I charge as much for one article as most people are willing to pay for half a dozen. If you’re just looking for some content to slap up on an Adsense-style blog, or Web 2.0s, or article directories (although why on earth would you bother with those rubbishy things?) then cheaper articles can be fine. And where better to purchase affordable content than the two great mainstays of budget unique articles; iWriter and Hire Writers.

I have already reviewed both in the past (my review of iWriter is here, and you can read my Hire Writers review in this post). However, in gladiatorial fashion I’m going to pit the two against each other in this blog post.

To make things a little more interesting I will also give my opinion as to whether it is better to write for iWriter, or to write for Hire Writers. Now as a rule I don’t really recommend writing for any kind of content mill (simply because you get paid such peanuts compared to what you could earn as an independent writer). However, I also understand that writing for so-called “content mills” does appeal to many on the basis that you can get a reasonable quantity of guaranteed work and you never have to market yourself either.

Hire Writers versus iWriter from a Buyer’s Perspective

From a buyer’s perspective the two initially seem very close. In fact, they seem so similar that I’m almost convinced they are built on the same platform or something. Both Hire Writers and iWriter allow you to purchase articles through a very simple interface. All you need to do is credit your account using Paypal, and then create a “project” (this is where you buy a bunch of articles based around a theme, so for my self-help site I might create a “self-help articles” project).

You then specify the length of articles you want, and whether you wish to hire basic, intermediate, or premium writers; obviously it’s gonna cost you more to hire the more experienced writers. Once you’ve added the keywords you want content for, just hit the submit button and it’s all done. There is almost no difference at all between iWriter and its alternative, Hire Writers, when it comes to the process of actually getting stuff written.

On both sites you can preview an article before approving/paying for it. Writers have to be willing to make improvements and revisions as you see fit. Both sites very much favor the buyer in any form of dispute as well.

Despite the immense similarities, in my experience the writers at Hire Writers tend to produce better quality content for the price range. I’m not going to say it’s perfect; even at the “higher end” $10 per 100 word articles, you will still find plenty of edits to make and meaningful content is always thin on the ground. But comparatively Hire Writers does seem to offer more bang for your buck, which is why I recommend budget-conscious Internet marketing newbies buy from there, rather than from iWriter.

Hire Writers versus iWriter from a Writer’s Perspective¬†

From a writer’s perspective there is no debate here; you are better off writing for iWriter than Hire Writers. If you take a quick peek at my existing review of Hire Writers you will notice a lot of pissed-off people complaining about getting their accounts banned at random (even when they have balances owing to them for successfully writing articles). Reading other forums and reviews also reveals the same thing; Hire Writers appears to have a bit of a nasty habit of banning writers left right and center, and also not giving banned writers any form of appeal process.

In contrast, while there are stories about iWriter accounts being blocked I have actually written a few articles on iWriter myself. I did this to test the process and actually see what it’s like to have to churn out content under such strict time pressure. Although I cannot say that I enjoyed the experience, I also got paid and received a credit by Paypal. If you live in a country where the US dollar is very strong compared to your local currency, then you could actually make some decent money on iWriter. I figured that if I could write at such a speed that I could do a 500 word article in 20 minutes, it would be possible (once an Elite writer) to make about $20 an hour. Not terrible money, but unfortunately there is no guarantee of work and it can be very difficult to actually write that fast for an extended period of time.

Still, if by some cruel twist of fate I was forced to rely on either iWriter or Hire Writers to put bread on the table, I would pick iWriter every time.


To conclude, it is very clear that if you are buying content, then the iWriter alternative – Hire Writers – is the best solution. ¬†However, if you are looking to write for some extra pennies, then you are definitely better off on iWriter; all evidence points to a better “deal” for writers in terms of getting paid reliably and less random account bans and uncertainty.

Go here to join Hire Writers and outsource your articles, or visit iWriter here if you wish to write content for money.


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