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Keyword Research & Quotation Marks

What’s the deal with keyword research and quotation marks? Quite often, you will hear people talking about how you need to check keyword competition in Google using the keyword wrapped in quotation marks. In this quick and easy post I’m going to explain the deal with keyword research and quotation marks, to ensure that you

How To Find Profitable Keywords With Ubersuggest

Watch the following video: And then get your copy of Keyword Research Redux here, where I show you EXACTLY how to master keyword research once and for all. You can purchase by clicking the button below, or find out more about the guide here.

Boost Your SEO with A Single Mouse Click

Time-saving SEO techniques are extremely popular. Everyone wants to find a way of getting greater results from less work. However, there are a lot of “one click” SEO techniques that have absolutely no value whatsoever. In this article you are going to learn the real way to boost your SEO with a single mouse click.

How To Syndicate Articles (Like A Boss)

Article syndication is HOT. Or at least that’s what info product sellers, certain groups of members from a “certain” Internet marketing forum, and just about every newbie with 6 months’ experience wants you to believe. So in today’s blog post, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and show you how to syndicate articles –

Warrior Forum Scams & Free Speech

I was chilling on the Warrior Forum this afternoon (normally I go on Black Hat World, for reasons which I discussed in my “What Is The Best Internet Marketing Forum” post). I decided to put together a high-quality post that showed, absolutely free of charge and with no linking to any of my own sites

Understanding Search Engine Optimization Link Building

Are you struggling to understand link building and how it relates to SEO? If so, then read this latest blog post (after you download my free Super Affiliate Secrets report here) Also check out AffiloBlueprint to learn some leading link building strategies! Links are used by search engine optimization sites such as Google to measure

Exact Match Domains Punished By Google

Stop the press… I should have hosted this blog on because it now appears as if Google is putting the knife into exact match domains (EMDs). In fact, it doesn’t appear as if Google is lashing out against the EMD brigade – Google is cracking down on exact match domains. Now I’m not going to bore you with

What Is The Best Tool For Keyword Research?

As you might already be aware, keyword research is extremely important if you want to make money online. You need to be able to find profitable keywords (phrases that people are searching for in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines) if you ever want to learn how to get your website in front of peoples’

Automated Link Building With RSS Scrapers

RSS content scrapers are the bane of bloggers and webmasters worldwide. These annoying little tools have the ability to steal your content (and hard work) from right beneath your nose. Furthermore, RSS content scrapers then make shady webmasters huge profits, by using your content to build “autoblogs”. In this article, you are going to learn

Article Directories – Are They Wasting YOUR Time?

It’s no secret that I cut my teeth in the affiliate marketing world by writing probably five or so long-tail optimized articles per day, and then submitting them to EzineArticles, Articles Base, and Go Articles. I did this for about 2.5 years, starting in 2008. Basically, I was a poster child for Travis Sago’s old