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Bing Ads And Affiliate Marketing – Update 1

So I’ve been following (roughly) a method I read on the Warrior Forum of all places. It’s a guide to making money as an affiliate with Bing Ads. You can check out the 11 page thread here, where the OP – a guy who goes by the handle “solarwarrior” – outlines what sounds like a

Bing Ads & Affiliate Marketing

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be sporadically documenting my attempts to drive traffic and sales with Bing Ads and affiliate marketing. The truth is, I’m getting a bit over the SEO grind … and am finding through my “day job” that I’m much more interested in paid traffic such as Adwords, Facebook ads,

Case Study: Foreign Language Affiliate Marketing

As some of you might know, I happen to be a reasonably dab hand with a bit of the old “francais” (that’s French for French, and to anyone who would call me out about the lack of cedilla accent, I cannot be bothered opening my character map!). Because of my foreign language knowledge, I decided